Google Apps Launches Administrative Controls for Enterprise Handsets



Google is making it easier for companies with smartphones running enterprise solutions to control sensitive company information and how their employees access it on their handsets with the deployment of new administrative controls through Google Apps. All major mobile platforms are supported, including Android, and the new service allows devices to be managed right from the browser without the addition of dedicated servers.

For phones running Android 2.2 or higher can be used to access corporate information while still giving administrators the ability to enforce and determine prerequisites for passwords, lock devices, and even wipe all data remotely from a lost or stolen phone.

The service makes it easy for companies to integrate employee’s existing smartphones directly into their enterprise infrastructure, and if an employee parts ways access to corporate info can be withdrawn and the user can continue on with their handset as normal.

Google will be giving a live webcast on November 10 at 9AM for those interested in learning more. Head over to the source link below to register.

[via Google]

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  1. Yes this freaked out a lot of my new android users when they first did a sync to exchange.

  2. This is really interesting.

    Any chance we’re going to see Google Docs for Android apps any time soon? I can see that being needed functionality for any tablet operating system they might release too.

  3. Blackberry Enterprise server took a hit

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