Samsung Mobile Experience Event September 16th, What’s Being Shown?

Samsung’s got another one of their “experience” events coming up in the middle of the month, and this time we know Android will be on hand. We know they’re about to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Tab in a couple of days at IFA in Berlin, so what other new device could it be? For starters, we could just be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab again. It’ll still be new to those of us here in America not keen on traveling to Germany, and it will still technically be new to everyone as the device isn’t out yet. They claim to be showing their latest device alongside the new Samsung Media Hub, but that’s all we could extract from our invitation.


What are you guys hoping to see at the event?

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  • John J

    I am in New York.. How can I get in this event.. Is there somewhere I can buy tickets??

  • Eimaan

    Hoping to see a GPS fix and Froyo update for my Captivate..the lag at times can be worse than a 56k modem.

  • Peter


  • Peter

    Strippers? Kidding.. Still waiting for phone here in Toronto…

  • andy

    My guess is it will be the tablet we’ve already seen, possibly an Americanized/international version without DMB and maybe adding something (actually, they rarely add to a Korean device for international market, with the recent exception of the Epic).

    The main thing will be their Samsung Hub.

    However, you ask what I want to see? Galaxy S 2 of course, dual-core hummingbird, 720p screen with fluid 1080p DLNA/HDMI out, Gingerbread, fast NAND, oh, this is too easy and can get too long…but it’s not like I didn’t read these rumors over 2 months ago.

  • Boss

    Damn, why’s the RSVP blurred out. I’d like to go to it :|

  • nette20

    I hope it’s the beam. I’ve been waiting and waiting for it for months now. And still not even as much news as to say which carrier is going to get it. hhmmpphh

  • Jan

    Nothing heared about galaxy Q for about one month!