LG Unveils the Optimus Pad (Sort Of)



Hold on a second. If LG takes a page from Motorola and Verizon’s book, there is a good chance we could be seeing an Optimus Prime Pad a la the R2-Droid2. Why, you might ask? Because LG has unveiled that their upcoming Android tablet will be known as the LG Optimus Pad. OK, the Optimus name isn’t exactly new when associated with LG’s Android offerings. In fact, it seems to be the name they have chosen to use as branding on devices with Google’s OS (similar to the Galaxy line from Samsung). But depending on the region of release for a particular Optimus handset, the branding is known to get dropped.

Anyway, I digress. Other than the name, LG is promising a tablet offering “superior performance” while being “thinner and lighter” than the competition. But for now we will just attribute those statements to marketing hype. We need hard specs, damnit! The Optimus Pad should fall right in with the upcoming group of tablets including Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Motorola’s offering, but given the way their handsets have stacked up against competing devices, we will hold reservations as to whether or not LG can offer a fulfilling tablet experience.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Well, who gonna buy LG shit?

  2. Do we even know the screen size?

  3. @Raon… Do you really need to butcher the language?

  4. I kinda prefer LG over samsung..its just more solid

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