First Official Pics of the T-Mobile G2 Leak



In case the early shots of the T-Mobile G2 didn’t paint quite a clear enough picture of the upcoming HSPA+ handset, the official take has now leaked providing a bit more detail. Next to the EPIC 4G, the G2 is looking like the way to go if you fancy a full QWERTY keyboard in your future. From everything we have heard the specs don’t quite span into the next generation of rumored dual-core processors — the G2 will remain firmly planted at 1GHz. And if rumors turn out to be true, this one is most likely headed to your twitchy little hands come September 29th.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. Damn! Its pretty thin for a slider. Ill be getting it next month.

  2. Looks like it’s JUST in time for all those of us who got the G1 on a 2 year contract. I believe mine was in hand around September 20-something. Can’t wait to check this one out. Too bad not more than a 1G processor, tho…

  3. I wont upgrade from my Nexus One until these manufacturers stop outputting 1Ghz processors. Kudos for the stock android experience!

  4. Can’t wait to get it. Does anyone know if its coming out on in black later this year? Thanks in advance :)

  5. DO WANT!

  6. I’d love if this was released for Bell/Telus.

    Also does anyone else with an N1 wish there was slightly more bezel to the phone so that you don’t accidentally invoke a dual touch action.. or in the N1’s case, make it register a completely incorrect touch..?

  7. I’ll have to wait to see how the flop-out keyboard works in person… that’s my only hangup with it… if it sucks, i’ll pass… if it’s better than I think, I might ditch the iP4 and get one… we’ll see…

  8. Want this phone plus FFC….have nexus one. Want FFC. Oh did I mention I want a Front Faceing Camera…ya I think you get the point.

  9. well i have to get it, although i have the nexus and a g1, both rooted of course i still have keep it real and stay with what i know, plus my wife will be happy as her g1 is just about dead. as for dual core phones ill wait till my 2years is up and if im lucky they will still make 3’7 in screens, just not into 4’3, no need to have a tablet in my pocket

  10. does everyone’s friends but mine have phones with FFC’s? Who are you going to call and video chat using your ffc? its a gimmick, i repeat A GIMMICK.

  11. This Phone Got the new QSD7X30 1ghZ, is more efficient and blows away the current 1ghz snapdragon also got a better GPU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBZcD-IqefY

  12. So it’s the nexus one with a keyboard… Seriously a lackluster offering T-Mobile and HTC. Where’s the new dual core procs? Where’s the FFC? Where’s the 8 MP camera? Where’s a bigger better resolution screen? This thing has a 3.2″ 320 x 480 AMOLED while the EVO has a 4.3″ 800×480 AMOLED. Where’s Android 3.0? Why does T-Mobile have to make HTC brand every single one of their phones with their carrier name? Why do they think that adds value? Sorry this is not even worth having IMO and once again T-Mobile has shown that while they brought the first android phone to the market, it was the only time they ever really had an advantage.

  13. So I just followed through to the Cellphonesignal link and it listed a bunch of specs including:

    -Android OS w/HTC Sense
    -1GHz Snapdragon Processor

    Uh, WHAT?? Those marketing photos very clearly show stock Android. I know it’ll have Sense widgets if that’s what they mean.

    And don’t we already know the G2 is not using Snapdragon either but an MSM7230? The only Snapdragon SOC I know of that does HSPA+ runs at 1.2GHz.

    Ah well, who cares, I’m still buying this. As one of the few remaining G1 holdouts, I think I will be more than satisfied with its successor.

  14. Jonathan Drake ,

    Its not a NEXUS one because it has an updated scorpion chipset, which performs FASTER/BETTER than N1, this has a 3.7″ Screen which can fit in your pocket, as oppose to your 4.3″ EVO. The dual proc is expected on HTC glacier which will be available november 2010 or early 2011.

  15. Jonathan Drake, this is a mighty phone. If you want dual core, It’scoming too. Take it easy.

  16. kevin, you might wanna add in the whole MSM7X30 so people dont get it mistaken for the STILL TOP OF THE LINE snapdragon. I don’t get it. it’s been stated before. throwing more ghz at a phone with only be efficient if the OS can keep up.

  17. We’ll see what the whole Sept 15th announcement brings.. I think many are going to find themselves in a quandary of choosing this phone or the myTouch HD.. There are some photos on the net of what is supposed to be a pic, but pretty sure that one is faked as whoever rendered it decided to fake putting “myTouch” on the phone instead of the more likely “T Mobile”.. plus the dims are wrong, as it is a sister to the Desire HD.. Going by the more believable pics of the Desire HD and the specs that have been leaked, maybe we will stop some of the whining for FFC.. as it will apparently have one.. So prepare to agonize over the choice of keyboard over FFC .. and I predict the myTouch is going to be a nice looking and thin phone that will make the choice even tougher.

  18. @Jonathan Drake: Who told you 320 x 480 would be the resolution? I would be very surprised if it is that low. I’m pretty sure it’s 480×800 like the Nexus One. Maybe you’re misreading old specs for the similarly-named “T-Mobile G2 Touch” which was the European version of the 2009 HTC Hero.

  19. When is someone going to get the specs on this phone ?
    I’ve seen reports of processors from 3 different manufacturers.
    And no reports on the amount of system memory.


  20. Going from a 5 row QWERTY to a 4 row is a step BACKWARDS. Passwords, WEP codes, email address, etc. contain alternating letters & numbers – the big advantages of a 5 row qwerty keyboard is saved screen space without the on-screen keyboard AND less need for shift/alt/fn

  21. any word on the screen ? is it going to be LCD or AMOLED or Sony’s new screen ?

  22. @jonathan drake it has a 3.7 inch screen not 3.2″

  23. I bet you that this phone also does not have a flash for it’s camera .!!
    what is with these people in Tmobile? are they anti light or flash or what?

  24. The screen is AMOLED

  25. Jonathan Drake and the rest of you winidiots if you don’t like the device don’t buy it plan an simple. I bet most of you can’t even afford this device so you complain constantly that it’s under spec’d.

    This could be my wife’s new phone. She’s been twitching for a bigger screen ever since shy got the MyTouch Slide 3g. Anyone know if this bad boy has Swype?

  26. For an HTC device…something is missing…their customer’s popular pick, the Sense UI

  27. I guess if you want a qwerty android you’re still outta luck. Plus it won’t sync with outlook, no gpu acceleration, and android 2.2 still feels beta compared to bb and ios. Oh and did I mention it has zero style, trademark of htc.

    But if you’re coming from a g1, it’s def better. G1 was a beauty…

    bjnk: grab a casemate tough case, it’ll fix your accidental bezel touch issues.

  28. I want to know what that bump on the right side of the phone. i wounder if it is hdmi or not. No matter what site i go to they do not have a picture of that side of the phone.

  29. Got nothing on my vibran ht the nexus aint got nothin either

  30. It’s all about what you want out of a phone. This phone will see data speeds of like 7-10mbps in hspa+ areas which here in WA are larger than Sprint’s 4G coverage. There really isn’t room for a5 row keyboard the way they designed it. With the G1 the screen slides out in a way that shows more room for the extra route. This design allows the device to be thinner. I like thinner personally.

  31. Mindo, whadya mean it won’t sync with Outlook? There’s not been an Android phone that I couldn’t sync Outlook, even the lesser, mid level ones & 2.2 feels beta? Stick with ios then & call it a day, sweetie.

  32. Please, I already left t-mobile and got the epic and I don’t regret it

  33. lol people be making me laugh.(who cares). anyway it look like its going to be a nice phone..i’m happy for t mobile

  34. yeah the launcher looks a little different than the one in previous pics of the software…just a little different

  35. Its a 3.7 inch amoled screen with a 4 row querty keyboard. Its speeds will be comparble to the epic because of its new adreno 205 snapdragon processor and hspa+.

    The specs are better than the nexus and atleast equivlant if not better than the vibrant.

  36. @ derp and other dummies
    4.3 or atleast 4.0 with a ffc would’ve been perfect. For the people saying the ffc is gimmick ,shut up.it’d only a gimmick if not enough people have it and if its not useful. The ffc us a great feature for fams and buddies. Your old ass probably still has a pager aka beeper. Change with times dummy
    Ffc are coming and there’s nothing ur stupid behcan do about it.

  37. This is just a Nexus 1with a keyboard. Why is everyone making it seem like they’ve never seen this device before. Yeah it has a dedicated keyboard and camera button buts a device that’s already out. I have the nexus one and trust me its the same damn thing.its new for the people with short memories. Smh

  38. This is funny that so many of you know the exact details of this phone, even though none have been officially released.

    Relax, don’t worry, have a home brew.

  39. G2… a thicker version of my nexus one. I bought the G1 and the nexus because it boasted ground breaking features that was worth the upgrade. I think that T-Mobile should have waited until dual “2” core processors were available to stamp the G logo on a device. A front facing camera is nice but there is no official Google app avaliable to support it. My friend has an evolution and video chat is not that impressive. In short… save the brand rep

  40. Shiney McShine.. you maybe right i will relax. but tmobile should take a page out of sprints book and come out with a aw inspiring device . i will pass but this will probably be great device for someone thats never used a nexus one!!

  41. It’s too basic looking for me as was the nexus. I guess I’m just weird.

  42. Why are some you worked up about it’s look? Unless it has a Hello Kitty logo on it, or the shape of a…….Male member, there should be no reason to hate the way it looks. Are some of you still in the 7th grade?

  43. We can all have opinions. So you wouldn’t have an issue using a 1993 Motorola phone? lol

  44. @ Norbo LOL I agree! 4 Row Keyboard FTL

    It’s the one thing I hate about my Droid.

  45. Also, can we say photographs instead of “pics”? Are we 13 year old girls?

  46. Really…….Realllly….they said this was supposed to be groundbreaking taking the android platform to the next level ummmmmmmm how u gonna do that when this design has no front facing camera like the evo or epic if it doesn’t come wit one it would be a epic failure and what would be the point of hspa+ if u cant fully utilize it with all the goodies if it doesn’t have a front camera i will definitely switch my happy behind to sprint and get the epic 4G

  47. I’ll be getting that on the 29th. Cant wait

  48. Looking for the dual-core Glacier, hopefully without physical KB, and WITH flash.

    On an AT&T Captivate, now, but really ready to return it due to Samsung quality issues.

  49. All you hating on tmo, should just go to Sprintless & whine later. More bars, less places.

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