Google Location History Dashboard Shows You Where You’ve Been


Location history is nothing new to Google Latitude, you either opt in or you don’t when enabling the service on your phone. But a list of the places you have been can only tell you so much, so Google has launched the Location History Dashboard in beta to help identify trends in your traveling habits. It could be the places you stopped on a road trip, the places where you spend the most time, or the places you are visiting more often today than you were a year ago.


The new take on Latitude’s location history is just enough to start bringing a little more purpose to the service. Still there is no explicit check-in function and you won’t be getting any mayorships out of it, but at least now there is a more interesting way to explore the data that Latitude collects. As always, the use of location history is strictly by choice and the data is kept private.


Google claims there are over 3 million people using Latitude, and the new dashboard is sure to allow some of them to kill a bit of time examining their travel history, but if Google wants to truly best FourSquare and Gowalla they are going to have to start making the service more social. If you have been using Latitude with location history enabled, you should be able to access the feature now. If you are just enabling location history you’ll have to wait about a week for Google to pool enough data to present you with trending info.

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  1. Sounds like something I may secretly install on my wife’s phone.

    anyways, is anyone else getting depressed counting down the days, I mean hours, before the EVO launch? The days just go by too slow. My Motorola razor JUST quit, to make things worse.

  2. i am as well jo. it almost feels like time is moving in reverse

  3. i am as well jo, feels as tho time is moving in reverse.

  4. Its a good idea.

  5. Time is going by so slow, it takes me forever just to take a dump. Hurry up June 4t, I’m tired of taking long dumps.

  6. I like an anonymous way of leaving a trail. Like Roughlyhere. Gives the wife enlightenment. The help sux, but it works.

  7. Everyone, I live in a 3G area and closest 4G is 350 miles in Chicago. Funny thing is vacation is this weekend in Chicago, my EVO doesn’t happen till next Friday. Talk about timing!! :( I have my money down and my appointment time set for Friday morning to get my new Evo at the local Radioshaft. Sad thing is even being on vacation I will be thinking about the next week when I get my Evo!! To put it into even more perspective I’m going from a Katana with no bells and whistles to the Evo !!

  8. @jimbo
    have fun man, should be a good first android experience.
    cant wait till i finish school and can buy any android phone i want.

  9. Dashboard isn’t necessarily about figuring out that stuff. It’s more about Google coming clean on what it is recording about your activities.

  10. @Jimbo
    Katana to Evo ? :O
    You won’t know what hit you.

  11. @Jo only 8 days 14 hours and 28 minutes to go till I walk through those doors at best buy and pick up my precious….ah-hmm…sorry just geeked out for a second there.


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