Garminfone Releasing on T-Mobile June 9th


T-Mobile has announced that the Garminfone will be coming to select retails stores and authorized dealers, as well as going up for sale on the T-Mobile website beginning June 9th. On a two-year contract you’ll be paying $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. The Garminfone, if you couldn’t tell by the name alone, is the mutant offspring of a stand-alone GPS device and full-blown Android smartphone, and offers pretty deep navigation tools and apps.


Along with the announcement of the pending launch, T-Mobile’s twitter account is hosting a contest with winners taking home one of five Garminfone handsets. You’ll need to follow @TMobile_USA and tweet your best tale about getting lost without a GPS in 140 characters including the hashtag #needgarminfone.

So add this one to the list of major releases coming in early June to wireless carriers far and wide. The question is does the Garminfone navigate to the top of the pack or will it get lost below some of the heavier hitters?

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  1. Sigh

  2. this phone is 6-9 months behind, noone in their right mind would buy this crap now especially at that price LMAO!

  3. this isn’t even on android 2.1.

    and it has so much custom-built software inside that i can bet it’ll never get upgraded to a better Android version… ever… so i’m crossing this one off my list. go Nexus One !

  4. Agreed with Covert… Thanks again tmobile for absolutley nothing, if it weren’t for your ridiculous low prices i would’ve jumped ship a long time ago *sigh*

  5. Garmin has obviously not been paying attention to Android software and handset developments or to google’s own map and navigation software.

    Who in their right mind would pay $250 and then submitt a $50 mail in rebate, when they can walk out the door with a droid incredible with much higher software and hardware specs for the same price (and no rebate).

    Maybe Garmin is trying to enter the paper weight market.

  6. When I bought my Droids I realized; “man I bought the GPS unit in my wife’s car and mine for nothing…” I now have free map upgrades for life and even better integration than I had in the past. Sorry Garmin, too little too late.

  7. All of TMO’s “new” phones are outdated. I think that’s part of their biz model. “Outdated phones, but cheaper monthly rates.”

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