Verizon Working to Address Issues Resulting from Droid Eris 2.1 Update


When the OTA update to Android 2.1 for the HTC Droid Eris finally arrived, owners of the handset were hoping to receive an experience very similar to what they were already familiar with on their devices while adding in the benefits of the newer OS version. For the most part the update achieved its job, but then a series of complaints ranging from call audio glitches and message notification issues to a malfunctioning weather widget began to show their ugly head.


It seems Verizon is taking the claims seriously, Android Authority is reporting. They received word that Verizon is currently working on a solution to at least the problems surrounding the weather widget. So if you have been experiencing these issues a fix may be in your future. As for some of the other glitches and bugs we’ll have to wait and see.

[via Android Authority]

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  1. My wife’s Eris is F’d… She loved her phone before it was updated, now she hates it. It screwed up her contacts, alarm clocks, weather widget, and has to be restarted a couple times a day because it freezes. Anyone got tips to help make things better?

  2. Mine went perfectly, Outlook doubled up my appointments but I didn’t reset my sync options first my bad. Battery Life seems to be 20 – 30% better.

  3. yea – do a data wipe / factory reset and then resetup the phone.. going from 1.5 to 2.1 with all your data intact is bound to cause issues …

  4. When you go to manage applications you have to clear data on the weather applications made by HTC and then they will work

  5. I went and wiped 6to10 apps that said anything about weather and still it doesn’t work.
    Contacts are mega F-ed up
    No voice to text
    Over all it is incredibly disapointing and the phone runs much slower, crashes and goes into bootloops.
    Way to screw the pooch vzw

  6. My update went great – for the most part, maybe a couple of minor issues. All-in-all I’m happier with my phone now. I might even hold off on upgrading longer than I planned.

  7. I have had a lot of problems since the update. Mainly calls connect with no audio but I had the phone drop a call and then reboot, a market update that would not complete, and the camera insist that it is the active application. All problems can be resolved by rebooting. Rebooting is now a daily task.

  8. Since the 2.1 upgrade I have had to reboot my phone several times to be able to hear on a call. They can hear me fine but I can’t hear them. After a reboot it works. Also, I get duplicate text messages randomly. It’s not all the time or from the same person. There also seems to be a ghost in my keypad. In the middle of typing a message, especially in portrait, my cursor jumps all over the place and I end up typing over words within the text. That one is VERY frustrating. I use the auto task killer quite often throughout the day but there are way too many apps being auto started in the background. Too much control and access of the device is being given to the apps. Things the apps don’t “need” access to to operate appropriately should be restricted from them.

  9. If you are having trouble with the weather widget just go into applications and find “HTC Sense”, open it, and hit clear data. This will reset the Sense UI and all the widgets will be available.

  10. Great!! For some reason my phone is fine. I don’t know what happened to everyone else. But still slow when using network.

  11. Phone is really screwed up. Weather app wont open. Also discovering other probs.

  12. Great! My dads Eris is screwed up. But, mine is fine.

  13. I took the phone to Verizon this afternoon and they pulled the battery and put it back. No problems since. But, it has only been 12 hours.

  14. Wow, didnt even get the OTA yet maybe Verizon forgot me :(

  15. Never got the OTA cause I got the leak V3 on my phone. All I can do is thank the man Above I didn’t. They better give us eris owners Froyo as compensation! Even though I doubt that will happen.

  16. Message notification issues? If this is having a delay of when you get the message and when you get the notification of the message? I really hope they fix this. It’s kind of annoying.

  17. i agree, i’m having a ton of lagging issues. i’ll get random reboots when my phone freezes up. and it is just running slow overall. wierd thing is that 2 people i work with say it made their phones faster and aren’t having any problems. i’ve been searching online for some answers, but it sounds like verizon hasn’t fixed anything yet.

  18. Anyone think they will get the 50% bug out of the way, or the signal not reading correctly.

  19. I have seen a lot of issues, mainly because the of apps (the upgrade leaves the old version of your apps installed)

    hard reset the eris and all things are good, re download the apps you want

  20. I have a tip.. WAIT A FEW F’n DAYS!!! it will all be fixed, and then it will all be a big upgrade. yes, it may be a pain for a few days. yes, may require some restarts. big deal. it’s in the name of progress..

    “My wife’s Eris is F’d… She loved her phone before it was updated, now she hates it. It screwed up her contacts, alarm clocks, weather widget, and has to be restarted a couple times a day because it freezes. Anyone got tips to help make things better?”

  21. HTC Sense UI – it’s most f*** stupid piece of shitty software I ever seen. Was on Windows Mobile, now arrived to Android. It has sweet look for stupid teenagers, but is unstable, full of bugs, slowing down phone, not reliable.

    As an Android fan, I want devices with clean Android experience, no f*** Sense UI shit. Many HTC devices are nice, but I and many others WILL NOT buy them, because of HTC Sense UI Shit.

  22. I had the Eris running the leak that became the 2.1 OTA…the hardware on that handset really wasn’t up to the task of running 2.1. Laggy and glitchy. Sad, after that long-ass wait that users didn’t get a better experience. The difference btw the Eris and Incredible with 2.1 is huge. Apples and oranges…

  23. If you’re having problems and you haven’t yet done the factory reset, DO THE FACTORY RESET before continuing to clutter up every message board with your probs. Yes, it’s a little inconvenient, but just a little — back up your apps and contacts, not too bad.

  24. My email app is not working properly. It doesn’t seem to be checking consistently for new emails. This is definitely annoying, but by-and-large, I’m thrilled with the update. The phone is faster and more responsive, I love the new Google Map/Navigation features, and it’s great to have access, finally, to apps that were designed for 2.0 and above. The full-screen weather animations in Sense are cute, too.

  25. Factory reset is only a short term fix. Brought phone into verizon Mon. they did the reset and Im still having the same issues!

  26. @hey 1st poster
    Thanks man, super helpful….
    Also, she has had the update for almost 2 weeks. We’ve WAITED A FEW F’N DAYS!!! D-bag…
    Thanks to the others who actually provided some insight.

  27. I don’t have the weather widget issues, but my audio gets a little screwy when I’m on the phone. Also, People loses my sync with Facebook on a regular basis. That’s an annoyance.

  28. I was having the same issues as described in this thread. I took my phone to the verizon store in San Diego and told the smug little manager that my phone had been doing all these things. He took the phone and said “this phone has water damage.” WTF? the closest my phone has been to water was in the back pocket of my jeans when I took a shit! I am so glad to be seeing all these posts. Why can’t verizon just tell me the are having issues with the upgrade? The phone has been much better the last three days. I hope the problem is solved

  29. “They better give us eris owners Froyo as compensation! Even though I doubt that will happen.”

    Compensation for what? You downloading an optional, free update that they did not write or directly provide to you? Yeah, man, they really owe you big time.

    Also, a lot of the issues described here sound like software conflicts, to the tune of 3rd party apps that weren’t written or designed for the software release.

  30. Hi all, Ok, so here is how I see it, and I know I”m going ot be cyber hung, but here goes. I know we paid a lot for our phone and I threaten to slam mine against the wall daily, but 15 years ago we did not have cell phones, the world is at war, children are starving, hurting , dying and being abused, people are suffering from cancer and many other ailments. There are not enough jobs for the people in our country now.. list goes on, lets be patient and post positive things on here that have been helpful to us and try to be happy with what we are provided… : )… comence to attack… I can take it

  31. I just updated the software to the Eris 2.1. I went to the store and they fixed the weather widget. It now works. The Verizon Wireless forum has a fix for that. However, I have had nothing but problems with facebook. The AP does not work properly. I cannot get the newsfeeds or profile to download. The widget does not work for Facebook either.

  32. I have the ghost typing problem as well. I just thought it was me. The phone also isn’t recognizing some of my saved #’s that are incoming or outgoing. The contact information is in there but just isn’t syncing with the phone. Also some of my FaceBook pictures that synced fine before are now blurry and also randomly change even though the person on FB has not changed it themselves. My screen also sometimes flashes on and off while I am trying to dial out. While using the internet, my pages were normal size font and conformed perfectly to my phone screen. Now all of the pages come up microscopic and I have to work to enlarge them to read them. This update stinks and I don’t see how it was even beneficial. I’m tired of rebooting and removing my battery.

  33. Hey. My phone keeps moving to the left all on its own and being super buggy when on my text. Help! :'(

  34. @vicki I have the same issues

  35. Vicki and Jen, you can change the zoomed out default for web pages by clicking MENU, MORE…, SETTINGS, and uncheck OPEN PAGES IN OVERVIEW. You can also set default zoom here. I have mine on medium and it works for me.

  36. I’m having a problem on my eris since the update. Trying to download music and it keeps coming up “error: insufficient storage space.” Anyone know what i should do?

  37. I have had many problems with my Eris since the update, such as my phone runs a lot slower (like when thumbing or swiping to a new screen or trying to open up any program or app), I can no longer set speed dials, the ringer only works about half the time even after I reassigned all of my ringtones, the dialer doesn’t pull up the same contacts or numbers as before, phone calls the wrong person when I am absolutely certain that I was calling the right person, etc. I have tried many different ways to fix it (adding and removing programs, rebooting….I even tried to re-download the update, but my phone wouldn’t let me). I am going to my Verizon store today to see what, if any, suggestions they have. Hopefully, all of this will get fixed and I won’t want to throw my phone in the trash anymore.

  38. I bought me my wife and me the droid eris phones this month. Mine has worked fine even after the update but my wifes phone is experencing the no audio error frequently. Ive tried all the prescibe fixes and nothing works. taking the phone to verizon tomarrow to see if i can get a replacement. all happened right after the 2.1 update. Verizon and HTC need to fix this quick. Screw the weather app how about making the phone do whats its suppose to do…make and recieve calls

  39. My problem since the update is with making and receiving calls. I try to make a call, nothing happens. I try a minute later, nothing happens. Then several min later it calls the person twice. Also, I have trouble answering incoming calls. Some I can’t answer at all and others it looks connected but I can’t heae anything. All of the apps seem to be ok, I just can’t use the “phone” functions!

  40. Have not received the OTA… hmmm maybe thats a good thing. But why do some folks get it and some do not???? I dont get it?

  41. Rose I have the same problem, also the speed dial issues and basically all the above…

  42. I have had the Eris for a week, we had an opportunity to buy Droids bogo, she chose the motorola droid and i actually chose the Eris instead. I was amazed with the style and smoothness of the phone even with the 1.5 and have had no problems since the 2.1. Maybe runs a little slower but nothing compared to the blackberry I switched from. Only problem I have is the battery life which is only lasting maybe 12-14 hours, I have turned down the screen brighness to maybe 20% so we’ll see how that works.

  43. My problems.
    1. Never had battery life issues until the update. (100% at 3PM to 9% at 11PM with me only sending 6 texts and making no calls or data/game usage).
    2. Facebook will not work.
    3. My messages force close.
    4. Screen distorts at times.
    5. When I use app killer it freezes on a screen that says “htc”
    I too loved my phone until this happened…now all I have are problems. Thankfully I figured it out before my husband updated his.

  44. My phone is also moving to the left and having phone call issues, as stated above. This sucks! I’m patient, but damn. These are all issues that an “update” should fix. Please hurry VERIZON/ HTC!!!!!

  45. what if you purchased your phone on-line from someone other than Verizon, even though it is a verizon phone, will they still take it back? Do they do work on phones in their stores? I am new to this service. I had at& t previously and they discontinued any kind of phone repairs in their store. I am just so frustrated with this whole matter. I’m going to think twice before I download another update.

  46. “My phone is also moving to the left and having phone call issues, as stated above. This sucks! I’m patient, but damn. These are all issues that an “update” should fix. Please hurry VERIZON/ HTC!!!!!”

    The scrolling left thing is a known hardware problem with the trackball. It has nothing to do with the 2.1 update. You’ll have to get your phone replaced.

  47. I cannot believe how dissapointed the update was. My phone will call someone on its on, if i try to place a call it takes about 3 minutes to process, sometimes I call my mom and my sisters phone number and picture show up on the screen, I cannot see who is calling me (screen is just black)….sometimes it doesnt ring at all it just shows someone calling…. So mad i did the update.

  48. I am having the trackball issue and the ghost typing issue not to mention slow typing on Internet typing but those are tolerable issues considering they are few and far in between for now. I am happy with the phone otherwise I have only had the phone for 2 weeks though so.we will see how it.goes from there. The one issue I have that drives me nuts is the fact that when I try to download music it comes up as insufficient memory space are they addressing this issue or not?

  49. Since the update, I was having the dead incoming/outgoing call issue, loss of touch tones/ring/notification sounds on my Droid Eris. The only solution was to power off my phone and turn it back on. Verizon sent me 2 replacement units, both of which experienced the same problems. My solution was to go into a Verizon store and get a new unit with 1.5 on it. Since then, I have had no problems, but now I have to wait until the supposed patch that the techs are working on to come out before I can update to 2.1

  50. I’m so glad I am reading these comments because I thought it was just me and my phone. I honestly hadn’t made the connection that these problems started after the update. Now it all makes more sense. I brought my phone into a Verizon store and the tech help said I should do a soft reset every few weeks, removing the battery and putting it back in. She also told me that running the task killer would help. Not the case at all. It’s the day after seeing her and doing all these things and it’s the same problem with making/receiving calls and not hearing anything on the other end. This is just too aggravating. At least now I feel a little less crazy and certainly less alone!

  51. Is it possible to enlarge the keyboard for texting? If so, how????

  52. I am having the same audio problems with my phone since the update. A call comes in or I try to make a call and there is no audio. It will work if I restart it, but I’ve been having to do that multiple times per day. What good is a “smart phone” if the phone part doesn’t even work?? My husband has the same phone and he doesn’t have this problem :( Haven’t had any issues with the weather app, but often when I go to turn on the camera, it doesn’t go past the black screen. Very annoying having to restart the phone all the time. Not to mention when I restart it, it starts about 15 different apps in the background automatically and I don’t know how to deactivate that :(

  53. I have the same problems as everyone else. The phone, in my case, is the largest problem. I can rarely touch someone in my call log or contacts and have it call the number. And when it does call it’s after I’ve been waiting frustratingly for 20 to 30 seconds, or it calls a different number altogether. It’s VERY frustrating. Google Maps is also useless with this new upgrade. Most of the time when I try to search it allows me to enter about 90% of my search term, then it closes search and goes back to the map. After three or four attempts I might get a search result. Internet crashes frequently and acts unpredictably the rest of the time. Most of my other apps are pretty much useless. The camera takes a good minute to start and 5 to 10 seconds before it responds to a click. When trying to pull down the notification bar, sometimes it takes me 5 or 6 touches before it even shows up then it’ll pull down half way and close back up. The proximity sensor works VERY slowly. When I pull my phone down in order to press a number I usually have to move my thumb over the sensor three or four times before the screen comes back. I could go on and on and on.

    Personally I don’t think there’s really anything to fix. I think the problem is with the processor; it’s too slow for Android 2.1! Verizon sales should never have pushed the Eris with a 2.1 upgrade (coming soon) over the Droid. I think they knew it would be too slow but wanted to clear out remaining stock before the Incredible release. Are there any class actions being filed? I’d like to get on board.

  54. I think it CAN be fixed. I’m running the second leaked version of 2.1 and its running great. Sure, the processor is no speed demon, but it works fine with none of the extreme lag problems that others report.

    Sounds to me like the “official” 2.1 is buggier than either of the leaks, which would seem to indicate that 2.1 itself isn’t the issue, just this build.

    FWIW, I’m running task killer with it set to autokill when the screen turns off, which seems to help both battery life and response speed.

  55. Albion is correct. “processor; it’s too slow for Android 2.1!” JThere will be no real fix. nothing. They have discontinued selling the Eris. So basically we are all… ummm… yep. The UPDATE was for the incredible and I hear it’s amazing on that. My phone isn’t even a phone anymore, let alone wanting a precessor of any type. I try to make a call… the person on the other end can hear me I look frozen so I try and try and freeze up and reboot which takes 5 min .. it’s so frustrating. I LOVED the phone before the update. Now, it just makes me sad that they did this, to us, and KNOW IT. Promise fixes but know a fix will never come. IT can’t. It’s sad. Try to call somewhere and ask to purchase a Droid Eris… They only sold them 5 mos. Quit right after the update, why???? They knew they could not make the processor work on this phone.

  56. albion….Are there any class actions being filed? If you find out, post here?? Im in.

  57. FYI Factory reset will NOT fix the audio problem, I did it, had to reconfigure my entire phone to get it back to where it was before the reset, and still my audio goes out and I can see the phone ringing, but not hear it, only way to fix is to reboot. Unacceptable. If the new OTA software update doesn’t fix this issue, I will be returning my phone.

  58. http://businessforums.verizon.net/t5/Android-Devices/Trackball-on-Droid-Eris/m-p/193920

    I had been contacting Verizon customer support ever since and asking them to give me any other Damn phone with NO TRACK BALL. No joy.

    I would like to join a class action suite if there is one.

  59. Loved the Eris before now the three people who have this with my small business hate it, me included. There has to be some attorney using Eris out there that can get a class action suit going. You think it would be smarter for Verizon to just say “we screwed up here’s another phone” than all the money they will spend defending class action suit. But then again anyone running a major corporation today isn’t very smart.

  60. I too am extremely frustrated with Verizon and their lack of support in this area. This past week, my husband and I have spent over 4 hours on the phone with Verizon going back and forth. Originally, when we started having all of these issues, the tech person we talked to also had an Eris and understood all of the problems we were facing…here are a few:

    -Both of the phones are constantly resetting themselves and turning off and on.
    – Speed dial does not work.
    – Speakerphone does not work.
    -Calls are constantly dropping and the phone will reset in the middle of a call.
    -Many of the application features do not work, and services like the weather will not display properly.
    -When you try to place a call, the phone will wait for approximately 2 minutes before it will dial.
    -The phones will dial by themselves, calling phone numbers in the recent call listing.
    -When you want to make a call, you have to turn the phone on and off before it will allow you to do so, and even then we are experiencing the problem of the call cutting out a few minutes into the call and resetting.

    Seeing as we both have these phones and they are both having the same issues, I knew that it wasn’t just something one of us was doing or what not.

    When we first started experiencing these problems, we called customer support. We went through all of the troubleshooting techniques with the technical support. In fact, when we both tried to update the phones by pressing *228, neither one of them would accept the update as we were told that an update could not be completed at this time. The support person was very helpful and told us that they would send us both replacement phones. After reading the reviews online of people experiencing the same problems over and over again, we directly asked the specialist what they would do if we started to experience these same problems again. We had known many people that went through these steps and when they contacted Verizon, they were upgraded to the HTC Incredible (because it had many of the same features as the Eris). The support specialist told us just that. We were promised that if we experienced the same issues, we would be upgraded to the Incredible and those would be sent out to us. Both my husband and I really hoped that the replacement phones would work for us, but we knew that with it being a software issue, that probably would not be the case.

    When we received the new phones, we immediately started experiencing the same problems. We contacted technical support and were basically told there was nothing they could do. We were told that our only two options were to either each get refurbished Droids or that my husband (who is eligible for an upgrade) could upgrade to the Incredible and I would have to use a refurbished Droid. Our first concern with the first option is with the Droid, we are being given a phone with features that we did not want. Neither one of us want a phone with a separate keyboard and we wanted the Sense UI which is only available on the HTC phones. Our concern with the second option is that we have to pay for a new phone, when we have already spent our money on the Droid Eris’ which we cannot use.

    After I sent a letter to Verizon, I received a call from the Executive Office of the President. I have never felt so berated and talked down to, as I did when I concluded this phone conversation. I was basically told that it is not their fault that the phone does not work for me and that I should take the option for the upgrade and buying new phones as they have made an exception in allowing me to do this. While I understand and am thankful for this exception, it is very frustrating that they do not understand that I should not have to pay for 4 phones in one year, due to the fact that the software on the phone I have does not work. I also do not understand why I have been promised different things by different employees and after being bounced from person to person, these promises are not followed through. I would completely understand, if I didn’t have a legitimate issue with our phones not working and the features not working. I would understand if I did not offer to send these phones back to them. The fact of the matter is, that I have. We have no use for these phones, due to the issues that they are having. I am more than willing to send them back to Verizon, in exchange for a phone with similar features, that work, all we really want is for them to follow through in their original promise and hold true to the great customer service that we expect from Verizon Wireless.

    I am so over all of this and if anyone hears of a class action lawsuit, please let me know at: [email protected] Verizon needs to stand by their product and their promises and help out their customers!

  61. I have been keeping my eye out for a replacement every since the 2.1 rolled out for ERIS… IT SUXXX MAN… My chief complaint is that you will call someone and it never rings… then yah have to power the phone off and back on or you can’t call anyone ever again.. This happens at least once a day for me.
    The auto landscape DOES NOT WORK 90% of the time now.. it pisses me off… The mail will not come and not come and not come then BAM! 30 hours later I get mail… It is low and locks up and is crap.
    I know the google navigation is beta but once it is on for about 3 minutes my phone slows to a crawl. and I usually have to reboot it to get it to work

  62. I just spoke with Amber who is a tech support supervisor and was completely shut down on this problem (HTC eris 2.1 update). All of the well documented phone problems since the update are now happening to my wifes phone and our business is suffering because of it. How can we be compensated for business and customers already lost by my company due to this problem. When i asked who is responsible for the update coming on to the phone, she blamed HTC. My issue is that we bought our phone from verizon and pay money to verizon so why am i needing to call HTC? They are taking advantage of the convoluted mess of having three companies involved being google, HTC and Verizon. Getting the same useless phone as a replacement is not the answer to our problems as we continually lose money with our phone based business. My wife and I were both very happy customers at Verizon until this update and the response. We had a fair proposal that would make the situation right which Verizon will not agree to. She compared it to buying a tv at walmart and that any problems with the item must be taken up with the manufacturer outside of the warranty. I say that is apples and oranges since a phone is made up of the hardware, software and service and much different than a TV. It’s like the cable company(verizon) selling you a tv then zapping it with something that breaks it. Please fix this VERIZON or you will hear from a lawyer soon and lose many customers!

  63. well, my phone is a lot slower now. i wanted to wait some time to see if it would get better. no. my phone is slow. waking it up is super slow. it takes 10-15 seconds sometimes and 20 on a bad day. that’s ridiculous. i love the eris dearly, but this needs to be fixed. some of my apps do not work properly and force close a lot more often. My phone locks up sometimes causing me to reboot it. This has to be fixed vzw!!

  64. omg every time i f’n try to text it takes like 30 secs and then it shows up and sometimes i click the buttons and nothing! shows up! i don’t understand and now when i try to add music to my phone it doesn’t even download the message with having not my mush space left and i just got it 2 months ago not even 30 apps on the phone! cant wait till my mom comes home going s8 to the mall and getting this f’n phone fixed if not i rather live with a flip phone at lest it doesn’t disappoint

  65. OMG seriously thank u for alk the comments. I’m gkad its just nit my Eris that a piece of junk (believe me the thousands of typos are from the stupid shaking trackball/screen , not me, I apologize but I’m not spending an hour typing this.) My “phone” dials wrong #, constantly start@ over in a sentence without me making it, it just randomly types from tge beginnung where I started! Long wait time to call, if I even get it ti calk its wrong person. Phone gets too hot and that takes away power..I could go on but I’m on sb Eris so this is torturous..who the hekk does Verizon think they are with this piece of crap? I’ve had most of the really good phones, this is the worstpiece of junk I’ve everhad. I’m cancelling verizon service tomorrow after hearing all this, its not worth sticku.g with them id rather lose $175 than pay them every month for a crappy phone they should admit is faulty.

  66. All,

    I have had the same exact problems!! Phone was great, did the update and…….. Phone always moves to the left most screen, won’t go back to home screen, freezes completely for hours. Can’t call, text, ANYTHING FOR HOURS!!! When I do try, it says “Activity not responding, Force Close?” Text will go to the beginning, sometimes I actually type words backwards in order to send a message!!! My phone works about 20% of the day, no lie. And what’s worse, same thing, the water sensor has turned and it did not get wet!

  67. I’ve been waiting 5 months for Verizon to fix these issues. It’s obviously not important enough to Verizon to bother correcting or or would have been done by now. I can’t even make a frickin phone call on my phone- type a number, wait 3 seconds to see if it took, type the next number…

    Wish I had gone with a company that stood behind their products & service.

  68. i have been reading all the entries out there and i have a few more problems that havent been mentioned. my bf’s phone makes this obnoxious bell sound everytime he touches the screen,when its on vibrate its even worse! everything is doubled up and blurry, he cant use his email, weather, or any of his music files. the phone goes online with no problem, which is extremly odd, not to mention it will be fully charged and then 25mins later its shutting down cuz it’s outta power. we arent on a contract so we r screwed but if anyone knows anything except a hard wipe please let me no! my email is [email protected] please feel free to write. i just had to do a hard wipe on my htc touch pro 2 and i’ve only had it for a week! someone please help!

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