Half Of Acer’s 2010 Phones To Run Android

acer-a1-phoneThere are a lot of manufacturers migrating to Android, mostly at the expense of proprietary garbage and Windows Mobile. The latest added to this list is Acer who – according to DigiTimes – has shifted focus from WinMo to Android and half of their 2010 devices will feature Android OS. This according to their industry sources:

Acer will also continue to cooperate with its current production partners in 2010, outsourcing Windows Mobile- and Android-based smartphones to Compal Communications, while contracting Windows Mobile handsets to Inventec Appliances, indicated the sources.

The company is rumored to be launching the Acer A1 Android Phone in November. Until then:

[Via CrunchGear]

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    then i should be looking forward to an android/winmo combo then ;)