Geeks Phone One: Video And New Specs


On Monday I told you an update was coming to the GeeksPhone One. The phone’s name itself is just ONE and compared to their first iteration of the device there are sweeping changes. In a blog post today the company posted specs and a video from Xataka:

And the updated specs:

Form factor: Full screen candy-bar with flat sliding keyboard
OS: Android-based OS with custom UI
Platform: Qualcomm 7×25 Baseband
Processor: 528 MHz ARM11 (ARM1136EJ-S) Jazelle™ series
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7225
DSP/RIL: Qualcomm radioOne QDSP5000
RAM: 256Mb mDDR
Radio: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 & HSPA 2100 (7.2mbps/5.7mbps)
Antenna: Ethertronics Hi-Gain active omni antenna (GSM/WiFi/GPS/BT)
Display: 3.2” WQVGA Fujitsu MVA hybrid-resistive touchscreen
Keyboard: Virtual and 40-key physical QWERTY slider (d-pad and fn keys)
Camera (main): 3.1 megapixel HD camera with AutoFocus
Camera (front): 0.3 megapixel fixed-focus camera
WiFi: Marvell 802.11 b/g
GPS: SirfStar3 with DGPS (WAAS/EGNOS)
A-GPS: Ephemeris QuickFix™ with database auto-update (fetnet server)
Bluetooth: long range BT 2.1 compliant
USB: MicroUSB Client (U-Disk system with SD Reader and USB-modem)
Accelerometer/E-Compass: Yes (3-axis) / No
Storage: up to 32GB via MicroSD (SDHC & SDIO standards)
F-Keys: Call (green), Hang (Red), Multifunction (White), Camera, Volume slider (with mute lock), Power & 3 virtual keys (Menu/Home/Back)
Audio Subsystem: Wolfson DAC/CODEC (ALSA)
Speakers: 2×1 watt RMS wide-range speakers
Microphone: high-end dynamic microphone with digital noise suppression
Headset jack: 3.5mm Headset/Handsfree minijack
Battery: 1110 mAh 3.7V Li-Po
Size/Weight: 110 x 55 x 14 mm / 123g
Others: Includes a retractile stylus; Biodegradable plastic housing.

Definitely not your typical Android Phone… any Geeks interested in calling this their own? Why or why not? (4 points, partial credit given)geekphone-one-xataka

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  1. Is there anyone out there that actually uses the front camera ?!!! they should remove it and get a capacitive screen instead

  2. Looks like this is compatible with ATT Stateside.. I’m excited!

  3. I know I’ve read it before, but here can I get one? Is it t-mo compliant?

  4. No.

    Without a compass, you can’t use the augmented reality apps like Layar, or whatnot.

    Also, without the Market, or any of the google apps, it’s not as useful.

    The resistive screen isn’t a huge drawback, since Android doesn’t officially have multitouch yet, but I figure that’s coming eventually, so this phone won’t be able to take advantage of that either.

    Lastly, the battery seems like it’s on par with the G1’s, which nobody likes.

  5. It’s missing a band for use with T-Mo. I really wanted to get this phone, but I’m not downgrading from 3G.

  6. @Maj
    I would use the camera for Skype or other video phone calls.

  7. Didn’t see a price (even an approximate one) for it. Did I miss it?

  8. I’ve been waiting on this one mainly because it (was) said to come rooted out of the box, which is nice. It also has better specs than a lot of earlier Android devices although the device itself is not all that attractive to me. I’m still waiting for the X3(?).

  9. Front cameras are used for video conference.

  10. honestly, the best feature this has IMO is the front camera. not that it’s good(definately not an impressive by any stretch), but the fact that it has one. as others have mentioned, video calls are now a HUGE possibility with these phones. not to mention video messages, etc. and all the app ideas that go with those. yeah, i can record a video message now, but it’s point, click, pray as far as if my whole face is on the screen, what’s going on with the angle etc. a front cam lets you see what you are recording(when recording yourself) as you are recording it.

  11. Did it just say it has stereo speakers?and is there any chance this monster will be available in india
    except for the battery everything else seems good

  12. I’m going to go with a No on this one…
    My biggest complaint with Android phones is lack of a physical keyboard. They got that part right finally (so did Motorola) Now if they could just fix the next three items on my list.

    1. Multi-Touch (There are so many uses for this beyond just zooming even though that’s all iPhone freaks know to show you. ANDROID PEOPLE…. GET ON THE BALL!)
    2. OLED (Read as – High-Resolution video playback on a screen that looks great too. Because who cares if it plays hi resolution stuff if it looks like the east end of a west bound horse.)
    3. Processing power! (gimmie more, more, more! I don’t want the same tired out old 500mhz processor in my phone… 1Ghz or better please!)

    Whoever puts these all together FIRST, (and keeps the physical keyboard, or even has a version without for those that prefer it that way) has the real Geek’s phone IMO.

  13. I second the lack of compass being a big turn-off. This phone is supposed to excite geeks and falls short of one of the most exciting and ground breaking things one can do with this type of device, augmented reality. I mean the early prototypes pre-G1 had a compass, we are almost 2010, no excuses.

  14. No Compass
    Crappy Battery
    No OLED
    32GB via MicroSD

    Geeks Fail ONE

    The ARCHOS phone, Sony Ericcson X3, and the Motorola Droid are all shaping up to be more promising than anything out there.

  15. Seriously, is this even real? Are they seriously trying to build a phone for geeks? Because if that’s the goal, then it needs to be AT LEAST HVGA (VGA / WVGA phones are already coming) and have capacitive touch, plus all the sensors. Oh right, a geek phone that doesn’t even run Tricorder? Come on!

    And the 7225 is a pretty lame CPU (I’m pretty sure it’s a downgraded version of the 7200A — no 3D hardware, maybe?). The 7×30 will be far more exciting, and probably cheaper and less power-hogging than Snapdragon.

    So I just don’t know who they’re planning to sell this to. For my money, the G1 is still a much better geek phone.

  16. Compass is MUST HAVE

  17. It may just look this way but this phone looks very thin for a phone with a keyboard!

  18. This had me very excited.

    Then I saw the resistive screen.

    Not too bad, it has AT&T frequencies so I was still excited. But then it doesn’t have a compass, which sucks.

    I don’t know, if it’s cheap maybe it’ll be my first Android phone but I really would like it to have better hardware.

  19. sou do brasil,moro em nova iguacu,gostaria de saber quando chega aqui no rio de janeiro.gostei do aparelho pois ele e completao,tem tv,gps,wi-fi,blut.etc…

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