HTC Tattoo Priced, Dated and Buyable


Vodafone customers in the UK have yet another Android Option – the affordable HTC Tattoo which will be FREE on contract with a monthly plan of £25 and up. You can purchase the phone now and it will ship on October 8th.


The Tattoo has 3 pricing options that ALL offer unlimited mobile internet:

  • £25/month – 100 anytime minutes and 500 texts
  • £30/month – 600 anytime minutes and unlimited texts
  • £35/month – 900 anytime minutes and unlimited texts

Not too shabby! Unfortunately, unlike the T-Mobile Pulse, the HTC Tattoo will not be offered as a PAYG phone. But with the specs it sports… pretty amazing you’ll get this thing for free. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 2.8-inch touchscreen
  • 3.2MP camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • FM Radio
  • 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth and HSDPA
  • MicroSD expansion slot

Isn’t it amazing what Android can help us accomplish? A FREE smartphone on contract… who woulda thunk a couple years ago?

[Via Vodafone]

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  1. Rob the unlimited is limited in such with vodafone to a 500Mb Fair usage policy.

  2. The Tattoo looks good, but what a deal on the plan! $47 for 600 minutes, unlimited texts and data? Wow.

  3. “A FREE smartphone on contract… who woulda thunk a couple years ago?”

    The iPhone, (all?) Blackberries, G1, Hero & Magic are ALL free on contract in the UK.

  4. @Carl C,

    that’s true, technically, but Vodafone do not enforce it. I use 1GB+ every month on Vodafone and so do other people I know. I emntioned it once when on the phone with a rep and he said in his couple years experience he’s never known anybody to have their unlimited internet taken away/charged extra for going over the limit. It’s an empty threat and I hope it doesn’t put people off Vodafone who are very flexible and cool to deal with, in my experience.

  5. Well, I am happy for the people in the UK. Why is Android taking so long in the US? :(

  6. I know that HTC is supposed to be marketing this as an affordable phone. Does anyone know if that means “cheap” unlocked prices as well?? I checked the Vodafone site but didn’t didn’t see what he cost would be for the phone if you wanted to even buy the phone out right with out a plan.

  7. Isn’t the HTC Euro Hero over in the UK already available for free with contract… Why would anybody choose resistive screen over the HTC Hero… What’s the point…

    Hey, let me have the crappier one cause I’m a bloody wanker…

  8. While there may be some who are attracted by the £25 per month headline deal, I note that that is only available for a 24 month contract. If you’re after an 18 month contract, the cheapest is £35 per month, which is comparable with getting the Hero on T-mobile (£36.50).

    You can also get the Hero free on Orange or T-mobile for £30 a month if you’re prepared to sign up for 24 months. Or the T-Mobile Pulse for free if you take out a £23 per month, 18 month contract (though the Pulse lacks the pretty interface of the new htc phones).

    Still, it is quite amazing that there are so many affordable smart phones now, when 10 years ago we didn’t even have text messaging!

  9. i love how America invents things and all the other countries benefit..

  10. haha… u r all stupid… “This phone is free” ; thats exactly what the phone companies want u to think.

    But 1 way or another, the money is coming right out of your pocket. Nothing is free. People who make these phones have to get paid too. I dont think they are out to do charity by making free phones… LOL
    It might be cheaper than win mo because android is open source… but thts all.

  11. @jMAT Thanks for taking your time to come out from underneath your bridge to tell us you opinion. I never realized that free things under contract WEREN’T ACTUALLY FREE?!?? /sarcasm

  12. So…any idea how much without a contract?

    The Samsung Galaxy is available for under 400 Euro, so the Tattoo had better be under 300.

  13. Kyanro: HTC is not an American company.

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