Acer A1

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Acer A1 Overview

The A1 was Acer's first Android powered handset and the first Android phone to be powered by a 1GHz snapdragon processor. With this kind of power onboard it caused a lot of buzz,  somewhat setting a standard for other higher-end phones that is availible today.


Months before Acer even joined the Open Handset Alliance, rumors swirled that they would launch an Android Phone before the end of 2009. Looks like the rumors were right! The phone was officially announced in October of 2009 as the Acer A1 - a name that makes complete sense (A for Acer, 1 for first, relation to G1). The Handset was then uniquely only available to be purchased Sim-free & unlocked in Europe - no carrier has of yet decided to stock it and sell it on contract. However in December 2009 the A1 did go through the FCC with AT&T bands.

The Acer A1 is not all about looks with it's sleek design but packs some specs too. Featuring a 5 Megapixel camera with auto-focus and geo-tagging , a 3.5" inch TFT-LCD display with oil resistant coating (wouldn't want to get your new phone messy now would we?) Plus it has Acer's own UI, which is basically the stock Android UI with some "enhancements". It also features a hardware camera button for pic snapping prowess.

With Acer's choice of a sleek design, speed and Android they have a great combination sure to please with the A1.