10 Best AI Essay Writers to Help Students Write Quality Essays (Free & Paid)


Writing an essay poses a significant challenge for numerous students, demanding considerable time and effort. The process involves researching subjects, sourcing information, forming outlines, and subsequently infusing the body of the essay with original, high-quality content.

If you’ve ever yearned for a helping hand, consider leveraging the assistance of an AI essay writer. As the name implies, an AI essay writer harnesses artificial intelligence technology to aid you in the essay writing process, offering valuable suggestions to overcome writer’s block.

Beyond mere content generation, its capabilities extend to tasks such as research, proofreading, editing, and overall improvement. This guide presents the top 10 AI essay writers for you to consider and utilize.

  1. EssayGPT – Best AI Essay Writer Overall
  2. EssayWriter – Best AI Essay Writer for Any Subject
  3. EssayFlow – Best AI Essay Writer for Undetectable AI Content
  4. EssayAI – Best AI Essay Writer for  100% Human-Score Essays
  5. Jenni – Best AI Essay Writer for Writing Research Papers
  6. Essaybot – Best AI Essay Writer for Ease-of-use
  7. Caktus AI – Best AI Essay Writer for Improving Your Essays
  8. TutorBin – Best AI Essay Writer for Value for Money
  9. StudyCrumb – Best AI Essay Writer for Free
  10. ToolBaz – Best AI Essay Writer for Adjustable Creativity

EssayGPT – Best AI Essay Writer Overall

If you want the very best AI essay writer, look no further than EssayGPT. It encompasses a comprehensive set of AI tools essential for essay writing. 

Its Research Mode facilitates efficient reference lookup, aiding in the discovery of valuable sources to enhance your writing. When it comes to citations, EssayGPT automatically incorporates in-text citations based on the details you provide. 

Additionally, built-in grammar and plagiarism checkers are included, streamlining the essay-writing process. EssayGPT also comes with AI auto-complete capabilities. That means it’ll suggest words or phrases as you write, saving you time and energy. 

Boasting the best technology of any essay generator, this tool can tackle even the most challenging subjects, including complicated scientific topics and tricky literature analysis. In short,  regardless of the type of essay you’re working on, EssayGPT stands ready to assist in both writing and refining it to the highest possible standard.


  • Helps create top-quality essays in a matter of seconds
  • Accurate and reliable academic database
  • No plagiarism and no grammar mistakes in any essay


  • Limited free plan

EssayWriter – Best AI Essay Writer for Any Subject

EssayWriter is another leading AI essay generator that has quickly proven popular with students across the globe for its ability to tackle almost any subject imaginable. Geography, history, science, literature – whatever you need, EssayWriter can handle it.

It’s capable of providing users with instant access (via a handy search tool) to credible resources that they can refer to when writing essays. It also provides real-time content suggestions to speed-up your essay writing, as well as plagiarism scanning to ensure your work is 100% original.


  • Assists in writing almost any essays
  • A major time-saver
  • User-friendly interface for ease-of-use


  • Can’t be used offline

EssayFlow – Best AI Essay Writer for Undetectable AI Content

EssayFlow is one of the few AI essay generators available today that is also an undetectable AI essay writer. That means that it’s not only able to produce high quality essays for users, but can also ensure that the generated essay won’t be flagged as AI.

So, if your teachers have a habit of running essays through AI scanners like Turnitin or Winston AI, you can use this tool to create undetectable AI essays. Capable of handling various essay types, from persuasive to descriptive, EssayFlow ensures that you can obtain the essays you need in a matter of seconds.


  • Industry-leading AI and humanization technology
  • Able to write about any subject
  • Cost-effective compared to other writing services


  • Does not offer research feature

EssayAI – Best AI Essay Writer for 100% Human-Score Essays

EssayAI, like EssayFlow, is also an undetectable AI essay writer. It’s capable of creating detailed, well-structured essays that feel human and authentic. This allows it to bypass all the big AI detector tools, like Turnitin or Copyleaks.

This tool also comes with many more useful features, like customizable writing styles, a built-in grammar checker, and a plagiarism detector. These features ensure that users can receive high-quality undetectable essays tailored to their specific needs.


  • Ideal for saving time and hitting deadlines
  • Great value for money
  • Beginner-friendly user interface


  • Can be pricey if used on a regular basis

Jenni – Best AI Essay Writer for Writing Research Papers

Launched by Altum Inc. back in 2023, Jenni is another leading AI essay writer that stands out for its research capacities. Trusted by over two million users so far, it can help you write all sorts of academic essays, from history and literature papers to science assignments.

It’s particularly efficient at researching complex subjects, like advanced elements of physics or complicated literature reviews. Jenni also offers a range of handy features, including AI paraphrasing, rewriting, and even the ability to generate essays from your uploaded PDF files.


  • Works in a range of languages
  • Customizable research library 
  • Builds essay outlines in seconds


  • Doesn’t work on mobile

Essaybot – Best AI Essay Writer for Ease-of-use

Next up, we have Essaybot. Boasting offices in both China and the US and founded in 2023, this AI essay writer has rapidly gained traction with students and academics all over the globe. It particularly stands out for its ease-of-use.

All users have to do with Essaybot is type their chosen essay subject into the box provided and then start drafting with the aid of AI. The AI bot helps you fill out you essay with text and citations, and it even runs a grammar and plagiarism check at the end to ensure your essay is ready to hand in before you download it.


  • Very straightforward for beginner users
  • Saves time on grammar and plagiarism detection
  • Offers unlimited essay downloads


  • Can struggle with advanced subjects

Caktus AI – Best AI Essay Writer for Improving Your Knowledge

Caktus AI is an AI essay writer which was founded back in 2022 by the two-man team of Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang. Attracting over 2 million users since launch, this AI essay writer has proven very popular with students.

Many academics appreciate how Caktus AI is designed to help them improve their essays and learn more about challenging subjects. It can add citations and accurate data to any essay, making it more informative and relevant to the topic at hand, all from $14.99 a month.


  • A wide database of academic sources
  • Trusted by many students around the globe
  • Rapidly improves any essay


  • A little more expensive than the rest

TutorBin – Best AI Essay Writer for Value for Money

TutorBin is an online tutoring portal that has been around for several years. It originally offered human essay writing services and tutoring, but has recently evolved to offer its own AI essay generator at a great value price, starting from only $0.99 a week.

Designed to ease stress and help students hit deadlines, this AI essay writing tool lets you input a topic or upload a file and get an essay generated for you. It also offers AI-powered rewriting and essay paraphrasing, with decent results and speedy processing times.


  • Flexible and fair pricing plans
  • Lots of options to fine-tune or generate essays
  • A trusted educational company


  • Interface is outdated and needs improvement

StudyCrumb – Best AI Essay Writer for Free

StudyCrumb is an academic writing platform operated by the Crumb4Life company and based in Estonia. It offers various academic services, like human essay writing and AI essay generation. Best of all, its AI essay writer is completely free to use as many times as you like.

Other AI essay generators can be pricey, but since this one is free, there’s no risk or cost to worry about. It doesn’t do any plagiarism either, and it’s surprisingly fast at generating essay text, perfect for those tight deadlines you need to meet.


  • No cost whatsoever
  • Uses a vast database of academic sources 
  • Provides a good basis for you to work from


  • Usually produces content that needs manual editing

ToolBaz – Best AI Essay Writer for Adjustable Creativity

Last but not least, we have ToolBaz. This AI writer is part of ToolBaz’s extensive range of AI writing tools, like a story generator and email writer. Launched in 2022, ToolBaz prides itself on its free tools and growing community of users.

The best thing about this AI essay writer is its adjustable creativity levels. Users can adjust the creativity slider from 1 to 10 and change the output of the generator to make essays that are either more creative or more strict and scientific to suit their exact needs.


  • Free to use
  • Provides access to other free AI writers
  • Useful for students at different levels


  • Sometimes gets things wrong 

How to Choose a Right AI Essay Writer

Clearly, there are a lot of AI essay writers to choose from, and this guide has introduced you to 10 of the very best options on the market. So, which one should you pick? Consider the following list of important factors to help you make the right decision.

Technology: First, check out what kind of tech is being used to support each AI essay writer. The best ones tend to use the latest and greatest AI writing models, which help to make them very accurate, reliable, and effective. Look for those powered by tech like GPT3.5 and GPT4, for example, to get awesome essay results.

Ease: If you’ve never used an AI essay writer before, you won’t want to worry about complicated menus and confusing settings. Instead, you’ll want to find one that is simple and beginner-friendly, like EssayGPT. So, compare your options and focus on an AI essay generator you feel comfortable with.

Price: Of course, you will have to pay to get the best results from AI essay writing technology, as it costs money to make and support these kinds of tools, and the developers have to get paid somehow. However, prices can vary, and you can look around to compare options and find one that fits your budget just right.

Features: Don’t forget to see what features and functions are included with your essay writer, too. Some of them can do things like automatically scan your documents to look for signs of plagiarism, for example, or fix typos and errors in a second, saving you loads of time.

Summing Up

There are many AI essay writers out there, but if you want to get the very best results, the 10 listed above are the best options to use. Give them a try and see for yourself how amazing AI-generated essays can be.

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