Using more Exynos chipsets could save Samsung money


Over the years, Samsung has used a mixture of Qualcomm and Exynos chipsets in its phones. But now it looks like Samsung could increase the amount of Exynos chipsets in the future. This could be done as a way to help lower their overall costs.

According to a report out of Korea, Samsung is apparently planning to use more Exynos chipsets in its phones moving forwards. It’s interesting because a recent report actually revealed that Samsung had actually lowered the amount of Exynos chipsets used in their devices.

For example in Q4 2023, the number of Exynos-powered phones shipped stood at 13 million. This is a 48% decrease compared to Q4 2022. We can’t say we’re surprised. In 2023, Samsung launched their Galaxy S23 series of phones. This was the first time that Samsung had pretty much gone all-in with Qualcomm. The company later brought back the Qualcomm-Exynos mix with the Galaxy S24 series.

There was also a recent rumor that the company could go all-in with Exynos for its Galaxy S25 phones next year. That is kind of worrying seeing as how the company’s current Exynos chipsets aren’t quite on par with Qualcomm. Maybe in the future Samsung’s Exynos chipsets could catch up to Qualcomm. But for now, 2025 does seem a bit early based on what we’re seeing now.

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