Google Finally Gives Pixel Users the Option to Change their Default Search Engine


Following the EU’s continued doubling-down on the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), it looks like Google has finally began giving Pixel users an option to change the default search engine on their phones, based on a new reports online.

A Tweet by tech reporter Mishaal Rahman shows how a user reached out to him following Google’s initial roll out of a new “search engine” settings page, which provides users with an option to pick out their desired search provider, and can be accessed from the home screen’s search bar. Once a user picks their provider, the search bar’s icon then changes to whatever engine the user has selected.

Users can then proceed to the Pixel Launcher’s settings page, and then select home screen search settings > search engine in case they want to change their search provider in the future.

Based on the report, the new change is starting to arrive for Google Pixel users in Europe. This falls in line with Google’s recent announcement that users in the European Economic Area (EEA) will be given “additional choice screens” including one for a custom search engine when setting up their Android phone.

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