The best apps for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5


If you have taken the plunge and invested in brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone, you may be wondering which apps you should download.

With its expansive display and innovative features, Samsung’s latest foldable phone is a device you will find extremely difficult to put down.

With that in mind, we have saved you time and effort by scouring the extensive selection of Android apps to find which ones you need on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Niagara Launcher

The traditional Android home screen was developed more than 10 years ago when mobile phones were much smaller than today’s behemoths.

The Niagara Launcher app taps into that minimalistic ethos to perfection, providing you with a simple way to access your most-wanted apps.

Niagara’s easy-scroll list is perfect for the 6.2-inch cover display, but also provides a brilliant set-up of your favourite apps on the inner screen.

The development team behind the app update it regularly with enhancements, helping to keep it at the forefront of launcher apps for foldable phones.


Advancements in smartphone technology and improved Wi-Fi connectivity have helped mobile sports betting become one of the most popular pastimes in the world.

With the marketplace awash with different apps it can be tricky to know which ones you should download, but it is feasible to narrow the options down. 

Generally, the best mobile betting apps have this in common – they are safe and secure, offer trusted payment options, great customer support and a cover a vast array of sports.

One of the best in the business is the bet365 app, which also punters a wide range of live streams of sports events from across the world.


While the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is undoubtedly a great smartphone, it does have a handful of niggly negative points which can be frustrating for users.

They include the Samsung keyboard, which is a little underwhelming when compared to what is on offer elsewhere.

Thankfully there is an easy solution on the Play Store, with Gboard providing a superbly immersive keyboard experience for Android devices.

It can be fully customised through themes and colours, while the keyboard interface is ideal for anyone who spends endless hours typing on their phone.


The DraStic DS Emulator for Android turns your device into a games console, opening up a world of fun from Nintendo’s expansive catalogue of DS games.

It fires the gameplay experience into a completely different stratosphere, with the smooth performance and stunning visuals dragging the games into the modern era.

Native integration with Google Drive allows you to save your gaming progress in the cloud and play games on multiple devices, meaning you can power through the levels with ease.

With support for cheat codes, customisable audio preferences and more, you will be left wondering why you ever previously needed to buy a games console.


While the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 offers improved image and video editing functions, the options are fairly limited in comparison with Adobe Lightroom.

The Android app translates most of the power of the desktop version to your smartphone, allowing you to edit your photos and videos properly.

Whether you are looking to tweak the saturation levels, adjust the white balance or perfect the exposure, the Lightroom app is a ‘must-have’ for Android phones.

If you regularly work with images or videos, using Lightroom is a great way to ensure you maximise your productivity.

The Athletic

Every self-respecting sports fan should have at least one app on their mobile phone which keeps them up-to-speed with their favourite sport.

One of the most reliable outlets is The Athletic, which delivers breaking stories and top-class analysis from the most respected writers in the business.

The Athletic has transformed sports reporting through its use of long-form journalism, putting snappier ‘tabloid-style’ content firmly in the shade.

With the option to personalise the app to suit your individual preferences, The Athletic is a platform every sports fan can rely on.

The Final Word

Now we have shown you our favourite apps for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, we will leave you with a few final tips for safely downloading apps in the future.

  1. Study the ratings and opinions of other users. 
  2. Review the app permissions and data requested.
  3. Only download from official sites and make sure the app logo is genuine.
  4. Reinforce your security by keeping your devices and apps up-to-date.

By sticking to these four rules, you will avoid falling into the trap of downloading any questionable apps to your Android device.

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