Samsung is trying to make foldable phones more tempting with exclusive games


One of the advantages that foldable phones have over regular smartphones is that they usually come with larger displays. This allows developers to create unique experiences exclusive for foldable phones that would otherwise not be possible with a regular smartphone display.

Now if a report from Korean publication Hankyung is accurate, it looks like Samsung is working on some exclusive titles that will be coming to its Galaxy Z series of foldable phones. The report claims that Samsung will be partnering with developers such as Epic Games and Krafton to create these exclusive titles.

The report also claims that Samsung is also working with more developers to try and optimize existing games for their foldable phones. For example with the Galaxy Z Fold series, half of the display could be used for the game and the other half for controls, similar to handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS series.

As for when these games are expected to be released, the report suggests that they might launch early next year and that they will only be available through Samsung Gaming Hub. If this report is accurate, it sounds pretty interesting and could potentially help spur the adoption of foldable phones, especially for mobile gamers who are looking for games that can take advantage of the larger foldable display.

Source: SamMobile

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