Some Pixel 6 owners are encountering a critical storage error after Android 14 update


Android 14 was supposed to usher in a new generation of Android for smartphone users, but unfortunately for some Pixel 6 owners, it looks like the update has given them more headaches than they would like.

This is according to posts on Reddit in which some owners of the Pixel 6 are claiming to encounter a critical storage bug on their phones where they are receiving a persistent “storage is full” message.

This is strange because for some users who own the 512GB model, they claim to have about 250GB on their phones left which means that their storage should be anything but “full”. According to further investigation, the issue seems to stem from the use of multiple profiles.

Right now, the only way to deal with this issue would is to factory reset, meaning that if the user hasn’t backed up their data recently, anything new that hasn’t been backed up yet will be completely lost and wiped during the factory reset process. If you are encountering this issue, we would suggest you perform a manual backup if you don’t want to lose your data, and then perform a factory reset.

It is unclear how widespread this issue is, so we’re not sure how many people are affected by this. Google hasn’t commented on the bug just yet, but hopefully they are aware of it and a fix will be coming soon.

Source: The Verge

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