Spotify “Supremium” could be their most expensive tier

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We have been hearing rumors that Spotify could be working on a new tier aimed at audio enthusiasts. The tier has yet to be launched, but we could be getting closer. Now thanks to a leaked logo shared on Threads by Chris Messina, that tier could be known as “Supremium”.

Prior to this, the tier had gone by different names such as Spotify HiFi and for a moment it was also referred to as Platinum, but now this logo leak indicates that it could be going by a different name, but whether or not this is the final name remains to be seen.

As to what users can expect, one of the selling points is how it will offer 24-bit lossless audio which could be preferred by users who consider themselves audiophile or have higher-end audio equipment that can take advantage of the lossless format. It is also rumored to come with 20-30 hours of audiobook listening, advanced playlist features, and more.

As for pricing, the rumors are claiming that it will cost $19.99 a month which is essentially double that of Spotify’s individual plans. It is expensive, but since lossless formats tend to be larger files it will require more bandwidth so we suppose it is understandable that Spotify would charge more.

There’s still no word on when the new tier will launch, but if this logo leak is anything to go by, we could be getting pretty close!

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