Google’s Pixel phone shipments are growing despite limited market availability


It has been a while since Google dropped their Nexus branding from its smartphones and shifted it to the Pixel series. Now according to the numbers shared by IDC VP Francisco Jeronimo, it has been estimated that since 2016, Google has managed to ship a total of 37.9 million Pixel phones so far.

While close to 40 million devices shipped seems like a massive number, it should be taken into context. For example, companies like Apple ship hundreds of millions of iPhones per year, so obviously Google’s own shipments pale in comparison, especially considering that 37.9 million is the total number of devices shipped since 2016.

But this doesn’t mean that the Pixel lineup is failing or doing badly. According to Jeronimo, Google’s Pixel shipments are growing and in 2018, Google actually managed to double the number of Pixel phones shipped. It is still shy of what Apple and Samsung have achieved, but it suggests that more people are getting on board the Pixel train.

That being said, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Google isn’t matching the numbers as other phone makers. Google’s Pixel phones have limited availability in terms of the regions they are sold in. Unlike other handset makers, Google isn’t selling their Pixel phones in every country possible, which could account for why the numbers aren’t as high.

Perhaps in the future if Google expands to more markets we could see higher figures, but for now based on this growth, maybe Google is happy enough where they are.

Source: 9to5Google

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