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For many gamers, online gaming has become one of their favorite pleasures. While there have always been online games where you may earn money, mobile Play to Earn games have become some of the most popular among crypto aficionados since they allow you to play on the move. 

While online casinos like those at casinopånett.org have perfected the art of incorporating cryptocurrency, Play to Earn games, particularly in mobile gaming, have come a long way since their inception in 2013. In this article, we will look at some of the greatest P2E games for Android mobile players.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a strategy game with over 1000 levels in which players gather cards while defending their tower against a swarm of monsters. Players earn special skills as they gather over 400 cards, which are required to win fights. 

Players will require TOWER as the utility token to access any in-app purchases because the game is developed on Ethereum. 


Both Android and iOS users can access the free P2E game, Dragonary,  go through trusted third-party websites, or download it directly. The game centers around engaging in battles with dragons, with the rarity of your dragon increasing with its overall success. It’s a straightforward game that proves to be both entertaining and rewarding.

Players get ownership of all things in their accounts and can retain or sell their dragons. Dragonary also provides users with the opportunity to win other incentives such as Coinary Tokens just by playing.

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is another strategy game that many gamers have come to enjoy. Players get to build their kingdoms and establish armies as they compete against each other. 

To succeed in this extremely fun game offers players a chance to forge alliances and trade with other players across the chain. League of Kingdoms has a large NFT ecosystem with various in-game assets like the Land NFT, which can be used to buy land. Any land owned comes with all the resources in it, no matter who gathered the resources. 


If you are in search of a grand strategy game, look no further than Realm. This game centers around reconstruction efforts after a catastrophic event takes its toll on the world. To establish a sustainable kingdom and recuperate Earth, players must gather resources using RLM tokens using their NFTs.


Binemone is the perfect game for those who enjoy pet-themed games. This blockchain game can be played by all, no matter their experience. With multiple trading opportunities and token rewards, the 2021 game players grow, breed, and trade animals called Binemones. 

They can also use the Binemons to battle in tournaments and work with other players to build their own lands.

Players can get a Binemone as an egg using a MON egg NFT or purchase one that is fully grown in the game. Each Binemone comes with special abilities and their parts have certain rarities. The rare a Binemone, the stronger it is. 

Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-platform multiple arena battle game in which users use their NFT avatars to compete for various rewards. You may, however, play this strategy game and earn even if you do not have an NFT collection. 

The primary token in the game is the GCOIN utility token, which can be used to make in-game purchases. This GCOIN utility token can only be mined by Genesis Galaxy players, who can also use their tokens to create weapons and get access to greater rewards. 

If a player wins specific matches, they can obtain weapons, treasure box keys, and armor. Opensea and other certified markets are also available to players.


The collectible card game Splinterlands has gained significant popularity as one of the most successful blockchain games. Each card in this game based on the Pokemon model is an NFT, allowing players to utilize them to battle against other gamers, showcase them as collectibles, or trade them.

Strange creatures and spells abound in this game, each card possessing its own uniqueness. Players are granted the ability to choose a character to fight for them, be it a summoner or a monster. Among the main characters, one stands out – Splinters, and it is through this character the game derives its name.

Trade-offs, quests, and tournaments are all ways for Splinterlands players to earn some extra cash. Crystals, card packs, and magic potions are other prizes that participants have the opportunity to win.

Marketplaces like OpenSea allow collectors to profit from selling game cards they obtain, which may be worth a great deal to fellow players if they happen to win a rare card.

Meta Apes

Meta Apes is a free strategy post-apocalyptic mobile game you can get at the Play Store. In this new world, apes rule and must work in clans to fight other ape clans for space domination by building and hijacking convoys and stealing their resources. 

Players can also create armies, train them, and develop outposts. Each ape is unique with abilities that can be upgraded using SHELL and PEEL as the tokens. Players use SHELL for in-game purchases and PEEL for upgrades. 


P2E games are exciting games that give players the opportunity to engage in their fave games and earn at the same time. In your search for the next great P2E game, it is important to ensure you weed out fraudulent. 


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