Chrome for Android will soon let you take screenshots in incognito mode


Chrome, like most modern day browsers, offers users the opportunity to browse the web in incognito mode. This basically means that you can visit websites without those websites being saved in your history, which is great if you’re trying to keep your browsing activities private.

It is also why on Android, users who are using incognito mode in Chrome cannot take screenshots, at least until now. As reported by Techdows, it seems that Google is readying an upcoming update to Chrome where it will allow users to take screenshots of the app even while they are in incognito mode.

Prior to this, when users tried to take screenshots, an error message would pop up and tell the user that the app does not allow screenshots to be taken. Keep in mind that this feature isn’t live yet, but it is available as a flag in Chrome Canary, so if you are using Chrome Canary you can check it out.

The update will also ensure that when you’re using the app switcher on Android, your screenshot thumbnails in incognito mode will not show up, giving users an extra layer of privacy. We’re not sure when Google is planning to roll out the feature to the public, but seeing as how it’s already available in Chrome Canary, we imagine a public release shouldn’t be too far behind.

You can also check out the tweet above by Mishaal Rahman to get an idea of how this new feature is expected to work.

Source: Techdows

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