4 Online Games You Can Play To Earn Money


It’s been over ten years since the global gaming market started rising, and now the industry is worth USD$135 billion. New opportunities for collaboration have arisen as the industry has evolved. Recent analyses have predicted that by 2027, the global gaming sector will be worth over USD$280 billion

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is an example of one of these hubs where blockchain technology and the gaming industry interact. P2E gaming is hugely popular, but it didn’t start that way. Contrarily, P2E had been expanding since its infancy in 2013. 

In this post, we’ll go over the basics of the P2E market, the games that offer NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as in-game products, and the benefits and drawbacks of each game.

What are Play-to-Earn games? 

When we talk about “Play-to-Earn” games, we’re referring to those that allow gamers to earn real-world currency or goods by playing a game. As formerly inaccessible technologies have grown more widely available, so have new video games and business models.  

A few decades ago, gamers had to travel to dedicated arcades to enjoy their favorite titles. Players would use a sack full of quarters as currency to see who could rack up the biggest score. But that was before the digital revolution brought games to our mobile devices, personal computers, and gaming consoles like the PS5, Xbox, and others. 

Recently, a new gaming model called Play-to-Earn has emerged, primarily in the blockchain industry. It’s a legitimate way for gamers to make money by participating in the entertainment they like. By participating in the game’s ecosystem, players help other players and creators and are rewarded with in-game items that can be sold to specific NFT marketplaces

Coins and accessories could be tokenized on the blockchain and considered digital assets. Therefore, the play-to-earn business model is compatible with blockchain games and the more traditional ones typically seen in casinos.

List of online games that allow you to earn money

Online casino games and Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are entertaining and lucrative. Play-to-earn gaming allows you to gain real money from your gaming adventures in the crypto world, unlike traditional video gaming, where your most remarkable achievements would be in-game assets and completing missions. 

You can win crypto and fiat currency by playing games about various themes, such as playing with pets, the 3D metaverse, slots, poker, and fitness. Here’s a list of reputable online games with their overview, advantages, and disadvantages to help you choose one that suits your taste and risk appetite:

Online casino games 

If you’re interested in playing table games such as Texas Hold ’em Poker or Blackjack, you may want to consider Stake.com as a medium. A state-of-the-art online casino and sportsbook, Stake. It’s a Bitcoin gambling platform, first and foremost. It means that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are acceptable forms of wagering. 

As a global company, they employ people from various walks of life and maintain offices in Serbia, Australia, and Cyprus. On Stake.com, you may find all the classic casino games and a wide variety of sports betting options. In addition, it provides several live dealer video feeds, giving users an authentic Las Vegas casino experience. 

Until recently, Stake only had one global website, Stake.com, blocked in some regions. The Stake.us ecosystem has since been included in the platform. For American gamblers, there is Stake.us. 

In keeping with its status as a “social casino,” Stake.us doesn’t charge users to use any of its services. Contrary to its European equivalent, this product is entirely novel. Play slots, table games, live dealers, and sports at Stake, and take advantage of the site’s many promotions to gain cryptocurrency and free spins. 

Additionally, users claim that a VPN will allow them to access Stake despite the game’s geo-restriction policies. Since cryptocurrency is used on the platform, users won’t have to stress about regulatory hurdles associated with fiat banking or deal with outdated transaction fees. All you have to do is enjoy the live casino games.


  • High rewards: You can easily earn a lot by playing. With the right luck, you can double or triple your initial deposit.
  • Easy to play: It’s not necessary to have extensive knowledge of the game to succeed, as most of the process is determined by chance.
  • Accessibility: The convenience of being able to gamble online anywhere and anytime makes it a desirable option for many people.
  • Bonuses: Most sites like Stake.com offer a deposit bonus to their customers for additional leverage.


  • Addicting: For some people, all it takes is winning big once or twice, and they’re trapped in the industry.
  • High risk: As it’s easy to gain a substantial amount in mere minutes, the same can be said for losing it. 

Casino games and betting can be very volatile. It’s advised to play only money you can afford to lose. You must learn to control your emotions and discipline to avoid ruining your finances. However, playing them with discipline can relieve stress, especially when you win. Try to start with minimal account balances and refrain from starting with a huge balance.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is an exciting earn-to-play game set in a digital realm in which users collect and use virtual creatures called Axies in PvP battles. Sky Mavic created Axie Infinity so that players might have a wide variety of enjoyable experiences, such as kingdom-building, breeding, raising, and battling. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are also offered as a kind of compensation. 

Regarding talent and rivalry, Axie Infinity gameplay leaves nothing to chance. Finding a powerful Axie is a must for playing Axie Infinity. There are six distinct pure Axie breeds, each with six unique characteristics. Consequently, you must employ some strategy when picking your pet to defeat the opposition. 

Once you have an Axie set, you can begin training in Adventure mode. It is where your pet will engage in “Experience” (XP)-generating combat against AI Axie in preparation for Arena play. Under this setting, you’ll be matched with players with a similar Matchmaking Rating (MMR). 

As a result, your MMR and bank balance will increase proportionally as you rack up more kills and loot drops in PVP. 

Earning potential in Axie Infinity is directly proportional to the player’s level of expertise in the game. Your MMR rating determines how much money you can make playing Axie Infinity. Farming is another method for acquiring cryptocurrency. 

An initial MMR of 1200 will grant you three Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens when you have a string of victories. The native token of Axie Infinity is SLP. About USD$0.009 per 3SLP. If you lose a game, your MMR will drop, but your spending money (SLP) will remain the same.


  • Allows no investment needed: With the help of Axie Infinity scholarships, users can obtain Axies at the cost of their manager; they grind and earn rewards which get portioned to the two parties for profit.
  • Active community: Users are very active in forums and other social media platforms to share their experiences and help fix any errors they encounter.
  • Well-managed economy: The people behind Axie Infinity are constantly working on the game to ensure their currency is valuable.


  • Scam incidents: Since player-to-player exchanges are highly encouraged, taking advantage of other players is simple. Axie prices are high enough that dealing with the wrong person might seriously damage your bank account.
  • SLP volatility: Since SLP is considered a crypto coin, its value can fluctuate depending on the game’s value and other crypto factors. It’s essential to be aware of its volatility and to withdraw as much as possible as you play the game.

Axie Infinity can be a relaxing and fun game if you’re not too strict about what you can earn. Considering the bearish trend for SLP in recent times, you can’t make as much as other users did when it was bullish. However, it’s a tried and tested game that allows you to earn legitimate currency while playing.  

The Sandbox 

Regarding games where you may earn crypto by being creative, The Sandbox is among the best. With this multiplayer metaverse game, you can gamble with NFTs for real cash. Pixowl released Sandbox in 2011 to provide a gateway to the company’s blockchain platform through online gaming. 

This blockchain-based game, however, has developed into a flourishing digital economy in which users can make and sell their digital multiplayer games and voxel assets. 

Player ingenuity is central to the gameplay of this multiverse NFT experiment. With the Sandbox, you may design your interactive virtual environments replete with inhabitants, structures, artwork, events, and resources. As a result, there will be an infinite number of games to choose from.  

For games to be playable in The Sandbox, developers must first associate their creation with a specific piece of virtual real estate. One square meter in The Sandbox is equivalent to 32x32x32 voxels, or 96 in-game meters. In addition, you can build a game on rented land rather than having to buy it outright. 

Making money in The Sandbox is all about getting creative. As a starting point, making money in the game can be accomplished through developing and selling NFTs. The SAND money used in-game will be used for your reward. 

Values for NFTs in circulation range from $0.97 to $4,826. Because of this, you may set the price of your NFTs wherever you like and still find a customer. Land in The Sandbox can be purchased, rented, or sold to other players for profit.


  • Great community: Users and casual fans are very active in discussions regarding the game and its updates.
  • Provides a unique gaming experience: Encourages creativity throughout the game.
  • Economy: The game allows users and players to create and trade their voxel art assets.


  • Scam incidents: Similar to Axie Infinity and other games, scamming is still apparent. However, developers are constantly looking for solutions and prevention plans. The best way to avoid them is to learn more about the game, look for red flags, and be cautious of whom you trade with. 
  • Limited tokens: The utility token used, SAND, is limited and cannot be purchased or acquired outside of the game.

You can do various things when playing The Sandbox, from earning money to enjoying it with friends by hosting social and virtual events. Lastly, you can express your artistic ideas with voxel art. If you’re looking for a chill and casual game with the prospect of earning money, you should strongly consider The Sandbox.

Revv Racing

Play-for-money video games feature popular genres, and motorsport racing is no exception. A new addition to the family of racing metaverse games published by parent firm Animoca Brands, this game is a lot of fun. A player can earn money in Revv Racing by competing in and winning racing tournaments or selling NFT vehicles. 

Aside from using NFT cars and keeping a record of races on the blockchain, Revv Racing’s gameplay isn’t that dissimilar from those of more conventional racing video games. Players of this arcade racing simulation will compete in various races. Its features and general atmosphere are similar to those in PC racing games. 

The best method to earn money in Revv Racing is to sell their NFT cars to other players. Trades of Revv Racing NFTs can be made between players via OpenSea. The going rate for race car NFTs on Opensea is anywhere from USD$2 to USD$100,000 or more.


  • Possible cross-platform: Developers are planning to use the fact that racing games have a higher chance of implementing cross-platform access due to the nature of racing games.
  • Great potential: Since Revv Racing is the first up-and-coming racing game, it has the potential to be the best one before other developers make their own racing games. More players can mean more money that goes within the Revv Racing ecosystem.


  • Alpha version: The game is still in its infancy, so bugs and the lack of an in-game marketplace hold it back. However, this can be easily fixed with time and continuous development.

Racing games have been an all-time favorite among kids and adults alike. Finding profit while enjoying is one of the critical factors of P2E games, and this one is no different; as long as bugs are fixed, and great features are added, Revv Racing can be a great hit among gamers. 

Hopefully, you’ve decided to at least try one of them out. Although money is involved, it’s crucial to remember that it’s still a game, and as long as you’re only investing money you can afford to lose, there should be no mental stress when playing. Just enjoy the game, and if you do great, you might eventually earn additional money.


It’s not surprising that P2E games have become so popular in the gaming industry. Because of its innovative gaming strategy, users are rewarded with NFTs for engaging in activities previously available without cost before the advent of blockchain technology. NFT P2E games are entertaining and have given gamers a way to make a career, particularly in less developed nations. 

Users are increasingly interested in holding these one-of-a-kind in-game tokens, making it clear that P2E games represent the future of gaming. Because of the opportunity to acquire tangible goods, a large player base has developed games like Axie Infinity. Also, it helps spread the use of cryptocurrency. Because of this, many people have entered the blockchain industry. 

When playing a classic game, the player has no say in interacting with the gaming firm. Unless you’re an esports player, the game developer gets all the spoils, and you go home empty-handed. The paradigm has transformed because of blockchain gaming since gamers can now get paid for their time by selling their NFTs in various marketplaces.

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