WhatsApp adds additional security to its platform


WhatsApp places a high value on privacy and security for your messages, equating it to the level of protection in an in-person conversation. The foundation of this security is end-to-end encryption, and they constantly develop new security features to give you more control and privacy over your messages. 

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp announced upcoming additional security features, including “Account Protect” which verifies that it is indeed you who wants to switch your account to a new device, alerting you to any unauthorized attempts to move your account. To prevent mobile device malware, they have added checks to authenticate your account without your input. Another new security feature is an automated security code verification process called “Key Transparency,” allowing you to confirm a secure connection with ease. 

While there are some security features you must activate, such as two-step verification and end-to-end encrypted backups, WhatsApp offers others without the need for you to do anything. You can expect the Account Protect and Key Transparency updates to be rolled out to devices over the next couple of months. As they continue to iterate on their security options we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the rollouts as soon as we hear about them! 

Recently, WhatsApp and other major end-to-end communication apps joined forces to protest UK legislation that poses a threat to end-to-end encryption. This has major consequences for not just UK users of these services but worldwide. As such legislation, if passed in its current iteration, could force bodies like OFCOM and its equivalent bodies to monitor private messages. We’ve covered the issue extensively here about how users will be affected if the legislation is passed and how you can reach out to your local MPs to petition this legislation to be passed in its present draft.

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Major communication apps come together to petition dangerous UK Bill

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