Netflix just made its most basic tier a lot more tempting


Not too long ago, Netflix officially launched a new tier called Basic with Ads. As its name suggests, this is a version of Netflix that will come with ads, but the upside is that you will pay less compared to Netflix’s other ad-free plans.

There are of course compromises in addition to the ads, such as lower quality streams, for example. That being said, we have some good news for users who are subscribed to this plan. This is because in a letter to shareholders, Netflix has revealed that they will be introducing some upgrades to its Basic with Ads tier.

With these upgrades, users who are subscribed to the tier will now be able to stream videos at 1080p, which was previously locked at 720p. They will also be able to stream on up to two devices at once, which means that if you want to watch from your phone and TV at the same time, you can.

Prior to these upgrades, many weren’t too thrilled with the Basic with Ads tier. This is because compared to competing streaming services, Netflix’s plan felt like a bit of a ripoff. With these upgrades, it should make the tier a lot more tempting, especially for those who don’t mind ads and want to save some money.

Source: CNET

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