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Runners will know the hassle of trying to swap tracks while on a run. Between fumbling around with buttons while trying to keep time and keep both of your feet on the ground. It can be really easy to lose entire runs by accidentally deleting or pausing a run while you try to navigate what you need. This can be especially disheartening if you’re just trying to change a track or set the volume. 

Happily for Spotify and Strava users, this is going to be a far simpler process. As of Wednesday the 12th of April 2023, there will now be a dedicated integration making transitioning to your music easier than ever. It will be in the playback screen just from the standard record screen where you track your exercises. The only downside to this is that this appears to be for now to be a premium-only feature. So you will need an active Spotify Premium membership. 

Source: Strava

But, within the app, you’ll find everything that you would expect. Play, Pause, Skip and search for playlists will all be in the app and will be at the press of a button. 

Unfortunately for Apple Music, YouTube Music or any other music services. This does seem to be an exclusive arrangement between Strava and Spotify. So, if you’re a serious exercise buff who lives and dies by their playlist, then you may need to jump ship in order to have the best experience possible. 

This is not the latest thing that has come to Spotify! Recently Spotify announced Niche Mixes which merges all of the music you like to listen to into one ultra-curated playlist. I got called out by my playlists being squarely in Emo Punk. But, regardless of being called out for it – the playlist is very good. So put your embarrassment aside and go check out some new tunes for yourself!

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