DEAL: Samsung’s tiny USB-C flash drive is enjoying a massive 30% discount


Flash drives are a great alternative to external drives. They’re smaller and more portable and don’t come with long-ish cables which means they’re more convenient if you need to quickly transfer files or start up a presentation.

Now, a lot of computer manufacturers are including USB-C ports in their PCs, so if you’re trying to start collecting more USB-C flash drives, then you’re in luck. This is because right now, Samsung is selling its USB-C flash drive at a 30% discount. This is a 256GB flash drive which should be more than sufficient for most documents and files.

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The USB-C flash drive would normally cost $39.99, but like we said, it’s enjoying a 30% discount which brings it down to $27.99, making it a great value for money flash drive. It is also a very tiny and portable USB-C drive that can easily fit into your pocket or bag and be taken with you on the go.

Samsung Type-C™ USB Flash Drive, 256GB, Transfers 4GB Files in 11 Secs...
  • USB-C STORAGE ON THE GO: This sleek drive is supported by Samsung NAND flash and is incredibly compact to fit in the palm of...
  • PERFORMANCE WITH SPEED: No need to choose between performance and reliability; Experience a fast, powerful flash drive that...

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