Nokia’s Pure UI is Already Available on Some of its Apps


Nokia’s debut of its new software interface has met a somewhat rocky start, but that hasn’t stopped the Finnish telecoms giant from pushing through with putting its new UI in its apps and software services.

A report from the folks over at Nokiamob shows some screenshots taken from Nokia’s WiFi app, which now shows Pure UI in action. While visual elements such as the app’s color accents for example were present in the app earlier on, a new update brings the company’s new logo and fonts to the forefront of the app when booting up.

Nokia’s announcement of Nokia Pure was met with much interest from the online tech community, although it did cause some initial confusion as to whether or not the UI would make its way to Nokia mobile hardware, resulting in the company disabling the UI’s preview page on its website. The company denies that the Pure UI will be used in Android phones as a sort of “skin,” which a number of news publications mistakenly identified as such.

Going back to this new development, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before we see Pure UI appear on even more Nokia apps soon.

Source: Nokiamob

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