Pixel Fold 3D renders appear in the wild!

Image Source: Dave2D

YouTuber Dave2D has released a new video where we get to see a full 3D render of the new Pixel Fold. These 3D renders are blank plastic shells that give the exact dimensions and proportions of the upcoming device. These are not unique to Google and its Pixel range, though. All phone manufacturers have these 3D renders to send to case makers and other partners for all sorts of accessories and other products. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see these in the wild near a product launch. 


What Dave shows off in this video is the shell of the upcoming Pixel Fold, as well as the dimensions at its thickest and thinnest points. The thickness of the Pixel fold is an impressive 5mm, and at its thickest points it is 8mm. This is unusually thin for the Pixel line-up. While the Pixel line-up has never been razor thin, to begin with, this is blurring the lines between being razor thin and still being functional. As a fan of JerryRigEverything and his durability tests, I’ll be interested to see what he thinks of the phone’s durability and if it will shatter under the stress of his tests. 

The thinness can be attributed to the design of the Pixel Fold screen, which has been engineered to use a different hinge design than those of the Galaxy Fold and Flip series. For those who have never seen a Galaxy Flip or Fold in person, when you close both sides of the device together, there is a gap at the bottom. This is because the screen is folding at a more acute angle, meaning there is naturally going to be a gap because of the curve of that glass. While something like the OPPO Find N uses a more obtuse angle, which has more of a teardrop shape, allowing the phone to fold shut flush. 

Image Source: Dave2D

Dave also shows us some great visualizations of what the double screen resolution could potentially look like. The Pixel Fold could have a screen that is 2208 x 1840; this would be comparable to the screen on the OPPO Find N, which is 1920 x 1792. While I don’t think it would be exactly the same panel inside, you can tell by the shots that it will be a pretty close fit. This form factor has advantages for viewing content due to its specific aspect ratios, as well as being more accessible in general due to its smaller size. 

Image Source: Dave2D

All of this slim and light technology comes at a price, though. With a rumored price of $1900, this would make the Pixel Fold the most expensive Pixel phone ever in the lineup. There is good reason to take this with a pinch of salt, though, as the Pixel brand itself has always been very competitive in its pricing. Historically, the top-end pixels would sit between the highest-priced iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, respectively.

So what do you think? What do you think the expected price would be, and what would you pay for the technology? Let us know in the comments section below.


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