Jan 12th, 2023

The January update for Google’s Pixel phones are rolling out as we speak, but if you bought the phone from T-Mobile and you’re wondering where the update is, you’re not alone as it appears to have been delayed.

This is according to a post on Reddit by a user claiming to be a T-Mobile employee who says that the update has been delayed for Pixel phones for T-Mobile’s network. Apparently this is due to an issue that is specific for T-Mobile, and the user also claims that it might be a few weeks before it is available.

The comment has since been deleted but we’re not sure if it is because it was discovered to be false information or if it was because the person posted something that they weren’t supposed to. Either way, T-Mobile users are still waiting on their updates so whatever the reason for the delay is, something does seem to be up.

Hopefully users won’t have to wait too long for it, but that being said, we should remind you that recent reports have claimed that the January update is causing in-car Bluetooth issues, so maybe rushing to update might not be the best idea anyway. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and will update you when more information becomes available.

Source: Droid-Life

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