Live traffic updates with new Google Maps Widget


Google Maps will get a new widget for Android home screens in the weeks ahead, according to a blog post from the company. Google Maps’ new widget, like other useful widgets that provide quick views of an app’s content, displays nearby traffic. While this is a feature that already exists, this would be the first time that the information will be displayed in real time in widget form from your home screen.

The next widget is a square tile with a traditional appearance that shows real-time traffic at your current place. Instead than opening the complete program, the widget allows users to track traffic at a glance. It may be useful if you’re travelling to work, college, home, or elsewhere, according to Google.

Image Source: Google

Users are able to interact with said tile by using the toggle in the corner to zoom in and out. While the blog post suggests a square-like tile, it’s unclear if it’ll be resizable like all other Android widgets. The widget, like the full Google Maps experience, uses AI to predict real-time traffic updates and assists in persuading alternate routes. To predict real-time traffic, Google employs advanced Machine Learning techniques, such as comparing previous traffic conditions databases in conjunction with current traffic conditions.

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