Google has officially shut down Google Talk


Talk, a historical messaging platform that you presumably have never really used i, has been deactivated by Google. Google Talk has been available for a long time, after it had been discontinued a few years ago, and that’s no longer the case.

Google noted in a post on Talk’s help page that it has ended support for third-party XMPP programs like Pidgin and Gajim.  Even after the firm switched Talk customers to Google Hangouts in 2017, those tools allowed users to continue utilizing the platform.

According to Google, users who try to log in to Talk beyond June 16 will get an error notice. Google Chat is recommended by the firm if you wish to maintain conversing with your connection

In 2005, Google Talk was launched as a chat tool for Gmail users. In 2013, Google began transferring users from Talk to Hangouts, albeit they were permitted to use the former for a few more years.

The search giant said in 2017 that Talk would be transitioned to Hangouts, albeit the original Hangouts version will be phased away. Google said earlier this year that Workspace accounts would be moved from Hangouts to Chat.

While users will be able to use Hangouts’ online site after the move, this wouldn’t be true for long.

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