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How to add widgets to your Android lockscreen


If you have been using Android for a long period of time, then you might recall that way, way back in the earlier days of Android, Google actually introduced the ability for users to add widgets to their lockscreens.

This is a very useful tool because widgets are already great by themselves, allowing users to see a bunch of information at a glance without having to open an app. But for whatever reason, Google killed off the feature shortly after it was launched.

Now that Apple’s iOS 16 actually brings widgets to the lockscreens of iPhones, we have to wonder if maybe this could force Google to rethink their decision, but until then, if lockscreen widgets are a must-have feature for you or one that you’re greatly missing, then here’s how you can bring back lockscreen widgets.

Add widgets to your lockscreen

Unfortunately, Google has not indicated if lockscreen widgets will be coming back. This means that if you must have widgets on your lockscreen, you’ll have to turn to a third-party app called Lockscreen Widgets (priced at $1.49).

  1. Download and install the app from the Google Play Store
  2. Grant it the permissions it requires and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process
  3. Next to “Enabled”, make sure it’s toggled on
  4. Lock your phone and then wake it up
  5. On your lockscreen, you should now see a “+” icon in the middle, tap on it
  6. It should now open up a new window where you’ll be able to see all available widgets
  7. Just tap on the widgets that you want to add
  8. You can also resize and reposition the widgets by tapping on it with two fingers

You can add as many widgets as you like, but keep in mind that only one will be displayed at a time. You can cycle through the widgets carousel style if you have more than one widget.

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