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In this digital age we are living in, we carry all kinds of devices on our person at any given time. We typically have our phones with us, some of us might even have multiple phones for work and personal, then some might have their headphones or earphones, some might carry a tablet, some might also carry a laptop.

Basically, we got a ton of gadgets that run on battery so if you actually take stock of the number of chargers we have at home, you might be surprised and a little worried at the sheer number.

This is fine if you usually just go to work or school and straight back home, but what if you’re moving around a lot for work? Or what if you need to travel to multiple countries? Obviously bringing all those chargers will take up quite a lot of space, but Zendure wants to solve that problem with its 65W Passport III travel charger.

Support for multiple countries

Bringing a charger with multiple ports is one way to solve the problem of multiple chargers, but then if you travel to different countries where the wall outlets are different, then you will also need to have an adapter, or adapters. This is just added bulk.

With the Passport III, Zendure has built in multiple prongs into the charger that you can extend or retract depending on the country you are in. According to Zendure, the Passport III has been designed to work in over 200 countries and regions:

“Passport III creatively integrates the US, UK, EU & AU plugs into a sleek all-in-one unit. It can plug into type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O outlets, and it accepts type A, B, C, E, F, G, I, J, L, and N plugs, so it works in over 200 countries and regions.”

This means that unless you plan to travel to a country that doesn’t use any of those outlets mentioned above, we reckon you should be pretty much covered for most touristy destinations.

Small but powerful

The Passport III is a 65W GaN charger. For those unfamiliar, these chargers use Gallium Nitride semiconductors instead of your regular silicon components. Is there an advantage to using GaN instead of regular silicon? Yes there is.

For starters, GaN chargers are more efficient compared to silicon-based chargers. This allows them to conduct far higher voltages over a period of time compared to silicon, and less energy will be lost to heat which is typically produced as a result of charging.

Since they are more efficient at charging, less components are required and in turn, this allows manufacturers like Zendure to create chargers that are smaller and more compact compared to your average charger.

This might be often overlooked because while most chargers aren’t exactly humongous, sometimes when you go to a hotel or a cafe and you need an outlet to charge your device, they might not necessarily take into account the size of the charger that you’re using and larger chargers might have a harder time fitting in.

Having a smaller and more compact charger can help in situations where the wall outlet is awkwardly placed and you need something smaller that can squeeze right in.

The Passport III offers 65W of output and will be more than capable of charging smaller gadgets like your smartphone or tablet, to more powerful devices like a laptop. Zendure lists laptops like Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as being some of the laptops that are compatible with its charger.

According to Zendure, the 65W charger will be able to fully charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro in about 2 hours, which is pretty decent. Of course, if you need it to power other kinds of devices like an electric shaver, hairdryer, a water heater, or an electric toothbrush, the Passport III’s got you covered as well.

Built with safety in mind

Now the typical spiel we hear from a lot of companies that make your phones and computers is that you should always use official chargers and accessories. To be fair, we get it, after all why would anyone cheap out on a charger for their $1,000 phone or $2,000 laptop and end up frying it, right?

With the Passport III, Zendure is hoping to reassure users that their chargers are perfectly safe. The company says that the charger comes with an intelligent auto-resetting 10A fuse that can protect it from overheating and other potential hazards. What happens is that if it detects that the temperature is too high, it will cut off the flow of power.

Only after the charger has cooled back down will it resume its operations again. This means that you should be able to let the Passport III charge your devices overnight and you won’t have to worry about waking up to a burnt smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

For those with kids who are young enough to be running about and curiously touching everything in sight, the Passport III has been shielded so that even if kids were to touch it, they won’t get electrocuted.

Pricing and availability

If you think that the Zendure Passport III is the charger that you’ve been looking for, whether you’re traveling to work, school, or internationally, the company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for it where you’ll be able to nab the charger for a $39 pledge. This is a 43% discount off the retail price, which is expected to be $69, when the charger is released around April later this year.

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