Jun 14th, 2022

One of the features of Google Maps is the ability to check the option that lets you avoid tolls. This is a good way to save yourself some money. The only missing feature is for those who don’t mind paying tolls, but have no idea how much a toll could cost.

The good news is that Google has since announced a new update to Google Maps that will now be able to show users how much tolls will cost on their routes. According to Google:

“You’ll see the estimated toll price to your destination before you start navigating thanks to trusted information from local tolling authorities. We look at factors like having a toll pass or not, what the day of the week it is, along with how much the toll is expected to cost at the specific time you’ll be crossing it.”

This feature was initially announced back in April, but it looks like it is only rolling out to users now, but we suppose better late than never. Unfortunately, not all countries will be able to access this feature. According to Google, its initial availability will be limited to US, India, Japan, and Indonesia, but the company says that they expect it will be available in more countries in the future.

We suppose this is fair since different countries have different toll prices, so it will probably take Google awhile to gather that information for users.

Source: Google

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