Apr 28th, 2022

Last month, Nothing confirmed that they were working on a smartphone and that it would be launching soon. One of the things users could look forward to is that the phone will be running on Nothing OS, which is basically a modified version of Android, similar to how other companies customize their Android handsets.

While we can’t say for sure when the Nothing Phone (1) is expected to launch, for those who are curious as to what kind of changes Nothing OS could bring to the table, you’re in luck because the company has since announced that the Nothing Launcher will now be available for users to download.

For those unfamiliar, Android launchers are basically apps that help retheme/reskin Android on your phone, giving it additional features, shortcuts, a new look, and more. In Nothing’s case, the launcher they’ve released is meant to give us a taste of what’s to come when the Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing OS are launched.

According to the company, the launcher will contain features like “bespoke” clock and weather widgets, exclusive wallpapers, and also a neat little feature that lets you enlarge app icons and folders by tapping and holding down on it. There will also be some ringtones included which were designed by Teenage Engineering.

If you’re curious about the launcher and want to check it out, it is available for download via the Google Play Store.

Source: Nothing

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