How To Protect Your Sensitive Data With Cloud Ransomware Protection Services


Read this article and find out how to protect your data against cloud ransomware. Uncover practiсal enterprise ransomware prevention solutions. 

An Ultimate Guide On Cloud Ransomware Protection For Businesses

Cloud ransomware attacks are on the rise nowadays and they may harm important files of your company. In order not to suddenly find yourself in front of a locked laptop or with encrypted data, it is important to be prepared. The chances of such threats can be greatly reduced both by using security tools. Appropriate protection will help you avoid the situation in which you have to pay huge sums for the possible recovery of your data. Below we will provide you with useful guidelines on how to protect sensitive information with an appropriate tool.   

What Is Cloud Ransomware

Ransomware is malware that infects a cloud and blocks access to critical data stored there until the user pays a ransom to unlock it. Cybercriminals commonly use cloud ransomware to infiltrate a network of connected computers in large enterprises. Therefore, it may have a negative impact on your business. These attacks can be extremely complex and difficult to clean up.

The threat posed by ransomware depends on the type of virus. The first thing to consider is that there are two main categories of ransomware: one that affects the basic functions of the software and the other one that encrypts individual files. The type of malware matters a lot when it comes to identifying and removing ransomware. 

Ransomware Protection: Main Risk You Business Should Be Prepared For

There are a number of factors that can make you the target of a ransomware attack. You should definitely be aware of those major risks in order to prevent those attacks from happening and prepare for possible threats. 

RansomCloud Attacks

Quite often cybercriminals send dangerous emails with viruses that may pose a serious threat to your data in the cloud once you open them. That is why you should check each and every suspicious email carefully before opening it. Also, another ransomware solution is to not open links in emails that do not appear to be legitimate. You had better check the validity of the website’s address by typing it directly into your browser.

Shadow IT

Another great risk that you should be acquainted with is using shadow IT which are third-party tools and programs that are not controlled by the company. For example, personal email accounts, unauthorized physical devices such as pen drives or smartphones and apps for communication such as Skype. This can lead to data leakage and system infection. In this case, finding the ransomware source will be quite difficult. So, the problem of shadow IT lies not in their mere existence, but in the lack of control over them. 

Poor Cybersecurity Awareness

When setting priorities, novice businessmen often leave issues related to cybersecurity out as they believe that a small company with limited resources is not of interest to cybercriminals. In fact, anyone can become a victim of intruders because they do not choose targets, but rather try to attack the maximum number of victims. Therefore, one of the business ransomware protection solutions is to increase cybersecurity awareness.  

Determine what resources you need to protect first and what security tools you can afford to start with. Moreover, raise awareness of employees in the field of cybersecurity and motivate them to be interested in this topic on their own. If there are no security specialists in your company then the best option is to hire them. 

Failure To Develop A Cloud Security Strategy

One more risk that your business should be ready for is the lack of an appropriate security strategy. You should definitely develop a strategy that will cope with the management of diverse safety measures. They should operate as an integrated system in order to provide the fastest and most effective results. 


As well as other possible risks for SaaS environments are considered, these are the absence of the increased number of remote workers and the lack of a centralized control system. In addition, it may also be the absence of automatization of processes that will perform different tasks connected with security with minimal human involvement. 

How To Secure Your Sensitive Data

For enterprise ransomware prevention, you should take the following steps: 

  • always use the latest software in a corporate environment;
  • be prepared for an attack and make sure you have a plan in place in case of ransomware;
  • trigger an automatic response to suspicious activity;
  • isolate the damaged files to avoid spreading the virus to other data;
  • back up critical business data to external devices. 

SpinOne For SaaS Cloud Ransomware Protection

Do not let ransomware happen to you and make use of ransomware protection services. SpinOne is a perfect tool for you that will help you enhance and manage the security of your business. It will reduce downtime of your company to a minimum. Also, it will help you to protect sensitive data, detect ransomware and notify admins about them, back up your files and restore them. 


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