For some strange reason, Samsung is apparently throttling apps on its Galaxy smartphones


If you have been buying Samsung’s flagship phones over the years, you know that they are equipped with some of the latest and greatest hardware for smartphones, but it seems that even though they could be packing the latest hardware, Samsung appears to be throttling the performance of over 10,000 Android apps.

This is according to posts on forums over in Korea where it seems that Samsung’s bundled Game Optimizing Service app has been throttling the performance of games running on the company’s Galaxy phones. The worst part is that this app cannot be disabled, meaning that users have no recourse for action.

The app is supposed to optimize non-gaming apps on Samsung’s phones, and in a test by YouTuber Square Dream who renamed the 3D Mark benchmarking app to Genshin Impact, it saw a significant dip in benchmarking scores. Other tests have found similar dips in performance, with some as much as 50%, which honestly is rather unacceptable.

Now the somewhat “good” news that according to a post on Naver, it seems that Samsung is aware of this issue and are apparently investigating it, but it will be interesting to see how the company plans to frame it or spin it so that it doesn’t look like they are throttling apps on purpose.

Source: SamMobile

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