Feb 16th, 2022

With mobile browsers, they have tried to emulate desktop browsers by letting users create multiple tabs. Unfortunately, due to the design of our smartphones, switching between these tabs isn’t as seamless compared to desktop, plus it isn’t always obvious what tabs are open until we take a closer look.

This means that over time, it is possible for users to accumulate a ton of tabs that they forgot about over time. If you’d rather not one day discover you have a hundred tabs opened that you forgot about, here’s how you can actually get your browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, to do it for you automatically

Automatically close tabs on Android

  1. Launch Firefox (or download it if you don’t have it already)
  2. Next to the address bar, tap the three dots icon
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tab on Tabs
  5. Choose from one of the options

Keep in mind that there is no option to close all tabs whenever you close the app. Instead, the fastest you could probably clear your tabs would be after one day. This means that if you browse a lot of websites and open multiple tabs, you could easily accumulate a ton of tabs that will only be cleared the next day.

Unfortunately, this is a feature that is currently only available on browsers such as Firefox and Brave. If you happen to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your main browser, you will need to close your tabs manually, but if keeping your browser tabs clear all the time is a priority to you, then maybe you might want to consider switching over to Firefox.

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