ROIDMI EVA explains why ‘auto mop washing and self-emptying’ is a must for a robot vacuum and mop


ROIDMI has always insisted on “using cutting-edge technologies to enhance the happiness of consumers”. The ROIDMI EVA, which was developed with great concentration, was recently launched. Aiming at problems that traditional robot vacuum and mop models cannot solve, it is a true hands-free robot vacuum and mop. ROIDMI EVA is a 5-in-1 powerhouse — mop washing, mop drying, waste emptying, antibacterial and anti-molding, and vacuum-and-mop — that keeps your hands from water and dust.

Mopping pad washing of traditional robot vacuum and mops is complained about

The mopping pad of traditional robot vacuum and mops is generally fixed under the water tank of the robot. It does the so-called “mopping” as the robot moves around. The mopping module of the robot vacuum and mop did not bring further convenience to household cleaning as imagined. Instead, it’s been complained about by more and more users.

Every time they use the robot vacuum and mop to clean a part of the ground, the users need to remove the mopping pad and wash it manually. What should we do if the housework process becomes cumbersome? What if we forget to remove and wash the mopping pad after vacuuming? What if the dirty and damp mop is forgotten in a corner of the house along with the robot vacuum and mop after work, and it gradually breeds bacteria and mold which will not only be difficult to clean later but also threaten family health?ROIDMI discovered this problem in in-depth market research and immediately launched related research and development. ROIDMI believes that only by automating mop cleaning and drying can it solve the problem and bring a true convenient user experience.

Full-featured ROIDMI EVA overcomes the problem and brings cleaning surprises

The full-featured ROIDMI EVA, the world’s first robot vacuum and mop that can automatically clean the mopping pads, launched on Indiegogo has made “hand-washing dirty mops” a “has been” and solved the problem of frequent dust tray emptying to achieve true “hands-free” cleaning.

Unlike traditional robot vacuum and mops, the charging station of ROIDMI EVA has a 4-liter water tank, waste tank and dust bag, as well as features such as auto mop washing, mop drying, dust emptying and charging. When the dirty mopping pads are cleaned at the charging station, the water tank provides clean water, and the waste tank holds dirty water produced during the cleaning process. To prevent molding, the charging station of ROIDMI EVA can also dry the mopping pads with turbo strong wind. The whole process mentioned above is automated. The charging station has a LED color screen to display the status of the robot. With a ROIDMI EVA, hand-washing dirty mops, forgetting to wash the mop, mold or smell will no longer be a problem for household cleaning.

In addition, the self-emptying feature of ROIDMI EVA also further simplifies the process of housework. The waste in the dust tray of the robot will be sucked into a 3L enclosed antibacterial dust bag. The users only need to replace it every 60 days — cleaning is never easy and convenient like this. It uses the fourth-generation LDS laser navigation radar with super sensing and mapping capabilities. It can work along the wall with PSD corner sensing. And it will automatically slow down and avoid obstacles with the infrared sensor. ROIDMI has a 3,200pa vacuum and large mopping pads with a 12N force on them to deep clean. It has a 5,200mAh battery and a 250-minute long runtime.

ROIDMI has been focusing on the research and development of high-end cleaning appliances such as cordless vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums. It respects and attaches importance to user experience, deeming it its responsibility to solve problems in home cleaning. As a leading force in the industry, it keeps developing smarter and more powerful products. It’s worthy of being a leading high-end cleaning technology brand in the industry. The presale of the full-featured auto mop washing self-emptying robot vacuum and mop ROIDMI EVA on Indiegogo will soon come to an end. While the presale lasts, you can enjoy a discount price of as low as $674. Don’t miss this opportunity to relieve yourself from housework at a bargain discount price!

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