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How to download Reddit videos on Android


Have you ever come across a funny or interesting video on Reddit that you want to share with your friend? Usually sharing the link to Reddit is good enough, but sometimes some videos require users to sign in, which might be inconvenient if they don’t have a Reddit account.

Or sometimes some people might be wary about clicking links so sending a video directly might be better. Or maybe you just want to save the video so you can watch it again later or forward it to multiple people. Whatever your reasons are, saving videos from Reddit is actually quite simple.

Unfortunately, there is no official way to save a video uploaded to Reddit, but with the use of third-party apps, you can save videos easily and here’s how.

Saving Reddit videos on your phone

  1. Download the Viddit app from the Play Store
  2. Open Reddit
  3. Go to the video/post you want to download
  4. Tap on the Share button
  5. If you’ve installed Viddit, you should see Viddit as one of the options available to you
  6. Tap on Viddit
  7. It will launch the app and the URL to the Reddit post will be automatically filled
  8. Tap on Download
  9. You might see an ad play after you tap download
  10. Open your phone’s Gallery app and you should now see the video saved to it

You will now be able to do whatever you want with the video, edit it, send it, email it, it’s up to you. Keep in mind that since the video doesn’t belong to you, you could run into copyright issues if you try to repost it on other social media platforms if you don’t have the permission of the person who took the video.

Tyler Lee
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