Dec 28th, 2021

The initial concept that most people envisioned when it came to foldables, is a phone that could be unfolded to become a tablet. This allows users to have a bigger display when they need it, but folds right back into a regular smartphone when no longer in use. What’s interesting is that based on what we’re seeing so far, that’s not really what users want.

Samsung has seen tremendous success with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which is why it isn’t surprising to see more companies hop on board the clamshell bandwagon. The latest is from Huawei with the P50 Pocket, and now it looks like Xiaomi could be next.

According to a report from MySmartPrice, it appears that Xiaomi has received certification for a smartphone patent that reveals a phone design similar to what Samsung and Huawei have launched. The patent application does not mention details like its name or its specs, but it’s not hard to figure out what kind of phone it is based on the drawings.

Xiaomi is no stranger when it comes to foldables as the company had previously launched the Mi Mix Fold, but like we said, the success that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been seeing, it seems that users are more interested in a phone folding onto itself to become smaller, not a phone unfolding to become bigger.

There is no official word from Xiaomi yet on a possible launch date, so we have no idea if the company plans to make this a reality for now.

Source: MySmartPrice

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