Creality CR-Scan Raptor makes professional 3D scanning a lot more accessible


It’s kind of amazing how far technology has come along. Pieces of tech that used to be only accessible in the industrial sense have trickled its way into our homes. Think about computer storage back in the day. It used to be massive machines that could only store a few megabytes, but these days, we have SSDs that can fit in our pocket. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that 3D scanning has gotten a lot more accessible, especially more so with Creality’s CR-Scan Raptor that makes professional 3D scanning a lot more accessible to enthusiasts.

Dual light sources

Now one of the main selling points of the CR-Scan Raptor is that it uses dual light sources. This includes infrared light and blue laser. For those new to 3D scanning, the use of infrared light helps to create a more comfortable environment when scanning. It also sports an NIR mode which is suitable for quickly capturing surface colors and textures.

Infrared is essentially invisible to the human eye, which means that during the scanning process, you won’t actually see the light which makes it more comfortable since it’s less glaring. Both light sources are classified as Class I which means there’s no danger for eye damage.

But Creality has also incorporated the use of blue lasers. Blue lasers are interesting because unlike red lasers, blue lasers have a shorter wavelength. This results in higher optical resolution and faster point generation, making them better suited for suited for high precision scanning and for scanning of small and thin objects. It can also reduce the amount of noise, resulting in a much cleaner scan. It can also help scan objects that have shiny or dark surfaces without having to treat them first. This is useful if you’re using the scanner in a home environment and don’t have access to these types of tools or accessories a professional scanner might have.

High-degree of accuracy

This brings us to our next point about the CR-Scan Raptor, and that is a high-degree of accuracy. Cheaper 3D scanners might have less accuracy compared to more higher-end equipment. If you’re doing draft work you could get away with that. But if you’re looking for the perfect scan, the CR-Scan Raptor has you covered.

Creality claims that the scanner actually offers metrology-grade accuracy. It has an accuracy of up to 0.02mm in laser scanning mode and its blue laser lines can put out single lines as thin as 0.1mm! What this means for your scans is that you’ll be able to create scans that have much sharper edges. This is great for detailed work, especially when it comes to 3D modeling.

Super fast scanning

While having highly-accurate scans are important, speed is also something to consider. If you need to make a lot of scans, all those extra seconds of scanning and computing can add up. The CR-Scan Raptor offers incredible scanning speeds where its data collection frame rate can reach up to 60fps. Its infrared structure light scanning is slightly slower at 20fps, but it is still quite respectable.

Speed is quite important for the CR-Scan Raptor because it can be used as a handheld scanner. Creality has built-in anti-shaking features to ensure smooth scans, but also being able to scan objects quickly means you spend less time hovering over the object, which in turn results in less shakes and a smoother finished product.

In fact, Creality says that the scanner is capable of actually scanning an entire human body in as little as 2 minutes. That’s pretty fast.

Scan anything

Now, being able to use the CR-Scan Raptor in handheld mode opens the possibility to all sorts of things. It is quite a lightweight scanner at 372g. It measures 8.5x2x3-inches which makes it larger than a phone, but still small enough to fit in your hand.

This means that bringing it around with you is very possible. You can pop it in your bag and take it to any location without any issues. It offers 24-bit full-color scanning, and it can scan objects from as small as 0.2-inches up to 79-inches. So if you need to scan something small like a flower or a coin, you can, but you also have the flexibility of going bigger.

Speaking of which, like we mentioned, the scanner uses blue laser which can help when it comes to scanning shiny objects or dark-colored objects. It removes the need for pre-treatment before scanning, so all you need to do is turn on the CR-Scan Raptor and you’re good to go!

Marker-free scanning

We’re sure that some of you have seen the behind-the-scenes of movies where a lot of CGI is involved. Characters played by real-life actors are transformed into monsters and superheroes, and a lot of times you notice that they have markers placed on them to help with tracking.

This is fine if you have a professional setup, but if you don’t, the CR-Scan Raptor can actually perform scans without the need for markers. This is because the infrared structured light uses speckle matching 3D imaging. You can scan objects, including very detailed objects, without the need to place markers on them.

Sometimes placing markers isn’t always possible, so being able to scan these objects and retain the details will come in handy.

Super stable

While some 3D scanners are huge, the CR-Scan Raptor is quite small in comparison. This might create some skepticism as to how stable or reliable the scanner is. Creality has included advanced temperature compensation algorithms to help improve the overall temperature stability of the device.

This helps the scanner remain stable and accurate during scans. It also uses a large depth-of-field lens that is low distortion with 9-elements, along with has 12 fill lights. It is also built with a metal lens barrel and holder. Ultimately this creates a very stable 3D scanner that is capable of reliable and accurate scans from both near and far distances. For now, it features Mac and Windowssupport, but Creality will be releasing accessories to support Android and iOS compatibility.


In conclusion, the Creality CR-Scan Raptor is a great 3D scanner to check out if you’re looking for a scanner that offers more professional grade scanning and features. The scanner is priced at $1,499 which is not a small investment, but if you’re looking for a scanner that is reliable, accurate, compact, and convenient, the CR-Scan Raptor certainly ticks all those boxes if you’re looking for somethign small and portable while still maintaining great precision and speed.

The good news is that Creality is actually offering customers a discount. There is a 10% discount if you use the RAPTOR100 code upon checkout. This effectively saves you about $150, making it a bit more affordable. If you’d like to place an order or learn more about the scanner’s features, be sure to pop on over to Creality’s website for the details.

[This article was written in collaboration with Creality]

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