Google testing a fix for Pixel 6 devices facing connectivity issues


Earlier this month, owners of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were reporting that they were experiencing connectivity issues with the phone in which some users could not connect to networks they were previously connected on.

The company acknowledged the issue and stated that they were actively investigating the problem. The good news is that if the previously discovered workaround does not seem to work for you, Google has since sent out emails to users who submitted bug reports asking them for additional details that could lead to a fix. According to the email:

“Thank you for providing a bug report and additional information. Our engineers have identified a potential solution and they would like to push a change to your phone to see if it improves the issue. In order to do this we need your IMEI. This information can be found by going to your Phone settings › About Phone > IMEI.”

The company is also asking users for information like their location when they noticed the connection failure, what kind of environment they were in like outside, at home, in an office building, and so on.

Users who reply the email and provide Google with their device IMEI number will then receive a targeted update to their carrier settings. That being said, it seems that Google still needs to work on this fix because despite pushing out the update, there are still some users who are reporting that they are unable to connect even at home, but if you’re affected, you can always try and maybe it’ll work for you.

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