10 Best Sites to Run a Scammer Phone Number Lookup Online


In this era, it is not unusual or exceptional to receive suspicious calls that claim to be prize-givers, business companies, or charity organizations. Their goal is to achieve money or information through you. This article will grasp a technique to search unknown phone numbers with 10 different scammer phone number lookups. 

Out of these impressive spam phone number lookup services, the following shows the three best services available to identify the scammer’s phone number.

  • RealPeopleSearch – Best Phone Scammer Protector in the Market
  • NumLooker – Free and Precise Lookup to Identify Scammers
  • TruthFinder – Reveal the True Identity behind the Scammer Phone Call

Part 1: Why and When to Run a Scammer Phone Number Lookup?

Different reasons could provoke you to run a free scammer phone number lookup on someone. Here, we will learn the reasons that might lead you to run a scammer phone lookup.

  • To Cope with Exaggerated Situations
    You can attend a suspicious or unknown call where the caller puts you in a situation where you have to make an urgent decision. If you face such a situation, immediately end the call and run a scammer lookup on the caller’s phone number.
  • To Distinguish a Fake Charity Call
    Different fake charity organizations gain money from people in the name of helping the poor. If you receive such a call, check the target charity organization on the scammer lookup before transferring the money.
  • To Verify a Bank Call
    Banks and other authorized organizations don’t randomly call their users for credit card inquiries. Don’t follow their commands if a caller claims to be from your bank and asks you to withdraw money online or change your account password. Run a spam caller lookup on him to verify his identity.
  • To Investigate the Out of Blue Prizes
    It is a common scam where scammers call and excite people with their “too good to be true” prizes. If you ever get yourself in such situations, investigate your luck first via a scammer lookup and then indulge further with the caller.

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Part 2: 10 Best Sites to Do a Scammer Phone Number Lookup Online

We have talked about the different reasons why someone would need a scammer lookup. Here, we will look at the 10 best scammer phone lookup sites that help detect frauds and scams.

2.1 RealPeopleSearch

If you want to achieve extensive information on someone, including their name, physical address, aliases, and criminal records, Use RealPeopleSearch. It is a foremost scam number lookup app that helps look up someone on both Android and iOS devices.

RealPeopleSearch always provides up-to-date information on someone with the help of their phone number. If you ever receive a call and are confused about their identity, look them up on RealPeopleSearch and discover credible information. RealPeopleSearch helps in achieving people’s personal and business information on a legal basis.

2.2 NumLooker

With NumLooker, you only need to type the target’s phone number on the spam call lookup service. The application will take some time to display his scammer phone lookup information. You can access his original full name, aliases, social media profiles, and email addresses.

If the target person has business associated with the given phone number, NumLooker will also inform the user about his business details. The scammer lookup shows people’s criminal history, felonies, lawsuits, and traffic violation details. With this scam phone number lookup, you can know if the caller has a genuine purpose behind his constant calls or not.

2.3 TruthFinder

If you want to know the truth behind an unknown call, use TruthFinder’s scam lookup phone service. You can avail of its service to achieve the dark web information. It helps in knowing the real identity of someone. The application informs about the target’s associated phone numbers and social profiles. 

If you are a victim of any business fraud or bank scam, you can locate the scammer’s residential address and reach out. The lookup service also provides identity theft information. So, if you suspect that someone might have stolen your identity, use this service and identify the fraudster.

2.4 Instant Checkmate

If you have faced criminal activity or have got scammed by an unknown call, Instant Checkmate can provide you with knowledge about the fraudster. With this service, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your identity and information. Instant Checkmate makes sure to protect the information and does not save any details on its servers while searching the number.

The application informs the target individual’s criminal history, actual identity, address, and business information. After providing the target’s phone number, Instant Checkmate takes up a few minutes to construct the scammer report. After clearing the prerequisites, you can access the report and avail the scammer data.

2.5 PeopleFinders

Having a vast connection with different databases and public records, PeopleFinders serves detailed scammer lookup reports. You can download the provided records to gain proof against the scammer. Moreover, PeopleFinders provided updated information to its users. If the target person’s record gets an update, the user will receive the revised report at his provided email address.

With this scammer lookup, you can gain the actual identity and the location of the person. If he has been involved in scams and frauds, the lookup will show his court records and criminal history.

2.6 BeenVerified

Comprising the advanced options, BeenVerified contains developed filtering options that help in easily accessing the records. You can gain the professional name, aliases, associated contact numbers, and email addresses of the target person.

If the target person claims to be from the police, your bank, or any other authorized company, you can know the credibility behind his claims. Before trusting someone online for charity funds, you can run the scammer lookup on BeenVerified to know the caller’s business details. You can find the property details, traffic violations, and associated assets of the target individual.

2.7 FindPeopleFast

FindPeopleFast can provide fast information about people by acquiring their names, phone numbers, and residential addresses. You can unroll all the public records, court information, and national databases. With these credible and authentic sources of evidence, you can gain information about someone’s business. 

If the caller pretends to be from a company with a vacancy for you but suddenly asks to pay the registration fees, recognize the red sign. You can run the phone number on FindPeopleFast and achieve the scammer details. The application uses an advanced system of algorithms to provide quality information in a shorter period.

2.8 Spokeo

Spokeo works in providing authentic information about people with their names, phone numbers, and addresses. The application requires you to search the target person with his name on the interface. After you click the “Search” button, Spokeo finds the related records of the individual from its associated public records and databases.

With Spokeo, you can access the scammer records and criminal history of the caller. You can also gain the residential address and email address of the person with his phone number. Spokeo benefits the users by providing an easy-to-use interface and fast methodology to do searches.

2.9 SearchPeopleFree

To gain access to someone’s scam records and personal information, SearchPeopleFree performs accurate searches on people with their phone numbers. With SearchPeopleFree, you can avail yourself of the information on your target subject without revealing your identity.

The scammer lookup finds the name, social profiles, relatives, photos, court records, and felonies. Moreover, if you want to remove your information from the website of SearchPeopleFree, contact Customer Support. Your information will be removed upon your articulation.

2.10 Whitepages

Getting the relevant information on a scammer is easy with Whitepages. The application does not contain lengthy and difficult procedures. If you have the target phone number, you can find his scam information within moments.

Whitepages are interlinked with multiple databases, court records, and public data. Therefore, it provides accurate and updated information about individuals. With Whitepages, you can access the full name, criminal record, business information, property details, and addresses of the person.

Part 3: How to Perform a Scammer Number Lookup for Free?

RealPeopleSearch is a prominent scammer number lookup that searches suspicious people, scammers, and alleged fraud organizations with their phone numbers. The application requires the phone number of the target individual and runs a scam search on him. The method is fast and powerful to know the scammers hurriedly.

The lookup helps in achieving the court details, criminal information, accurate identity, and residential history.

After getting the details of the individual, you can decide whether you should call him back or not. Here, we will know the step-by-step guide on how to perform a lookup service on scammers with RealPeopleSearch:

Step 1: Access the “Phone Lookup” Tab

First, you need to visit the official website of RealPeopleSearch from your browser. You are then required to access the “Phone Lookup” tab from its homepage.

Step 2: Provide the Phone Number

To carry the search on your relevant person, enter his phone number in the search bar and click the “Search Results” button.

Step 3: Access the Scammer Report

The application will show the related profile associated with the given phone number. Observe the report and gain the scam information.

The Bottom Line

You might feel very confused whenever you get an unexpected call out of nowhere. Along with finding out who is behind the scam calls, it is a necessity to figure out what to do with it. For this, a scammer phone number lookup can perfectly guide you into figuring out what to do with unexpected calls. This can let you know that the person on the other side of the phone might be in search of taking your money out on fraud.

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