How To Do a Reverse Email Lookup: Find Someone By Email Address For Free


At some time or another, many people out there receive emails from unknown sources and get suspicious. These emails often pretend to be any business organization that asks you about your personal information. Most often, people do not trust any unknown email with their confidential information because it can have serious consequences.

To not get trapped in any fake scenario, you must be assured of the person you are going to trust online. It is always on the safer side to first check the identity of the email sender with a reverse email lookup service.

Part 1: What is a Reverse Email Lookup?

Reverse email lookup refers to the online applications that use the person’s email address to find out his identity and other public information about him. These applications help people know about the person behind any harassing email or any fraud organization. They have a huge database and are also interlinked with international database directories.

They have the capacity to detect anyone through their email address. The provided data widely includes the target’s social media accounts, full name, phone numbers, and criminal history. The information helps the user know who is a scam and who is real with their identity. Thus, there are minimum chances for the user to get trapped by any email.

These email lookup services include:

Part 2: How to Do a Free Reverse Email Lookup?

Here, the article will introduce a reverse email lookup, the data it provides, and the beneficial features of the application.

2.1 CocoFinder- The Best Email Lookup Application

CocoFinder works as a people finder app that requires the email address of the target to track his other useful information. It has been reviewed globally by big brands, including PCWorld, TechTimes, and TechRadar, etc.

The application also provides information through people’s names, phone numbers, and home addresses. The only required step is to enter the required information in the search bar of CocoFinder as you do while using Google. The application will start finding the relevant profiles through database directories.

2.2. What Useful Information and Benefits Does CocoFinder Provide?

2.2.1 The Reasons You Have to Choose CocoFinder 

  • Numerous Approaches to Find Data

CocoFinder not only works to reveal identity by target’s email address, but the application has many ways to do it. For example, if you know the full and real name of the person you want to run the lookup service on, the application would work for you. You can also type the phone number to find out who it belongs to.

  • Authentic Service

The software provides genuine information without giving any wrong or made-up information. For instance, many other apps show false information related to people’s identity or background and create misunderstandings. On the contrary, CocoFinder provides true data and makes it sure to only provide information through reliable sources, so you can search someone by CocoFinder for free. 

  • No Data Tracking

CocoFinder provides factual information and does not allow anyone to view it. The information is confidential, and even the app’s employees are not allowed to view the data. It does not even save the information on online servers.

  • Transparency

CocoFinder informs you upfront that you cannot use the service to screen anyone for a job role or tenants for any property. It also limits the use of information obtained from this platform. It assists the users with FCRA compliance.

2.2.2 What Information You Can Receive from CocoFinder

  • Real and Full Name

The information includes the target’s full and real name. There are often nicknames of people that create confusion to find out the actual profile. If the target has ever used his name on public platforms, the application would definitely find it.

  • Complete Address

CocoFinder finds out the complete and accurate home address of the target person, including the state he lives in. Moreover, the application assists you in finding out the current as well as past home addresses of your target.

  • Phone Numbers and Aliases

If the specific person has any known aliases, the application displays them. Moreover, you can access your target’s phone numbers without them knowing. This is an essential way to find out the identity of wrong email senders.

2.3 How does CocoFinder work to provide information?

Here, we will learn how CocoFinder works to achieve the personal and genuine information of the target and procedure to use it in order to gain information.

Step 1: The email lookup service works directly from the online web page of the application. It will require you to head over to the website of CocoFinder. Click on the “Email lookup” tab on the homepage search bar.

Step 2: Enter the full and valid email address of the person you want to run the lookup service on. After that, click on the ‘Start Search’ button. CocoFinder will take minutes and then present the search results to you.

Step 3: CocoFinder will access and display multiple profiles that match the given information. Click on the relevant profiles and find out his data of your interest.

CocoFinder Official Website: www.cocofinder.com

Part 3: How to Find Someone by Email

Here, we will recognize some reliable approaches that can be used to get certain information about email senders without them knowing.

3.1 Free Reverse Email Search Engines

If the target has ever mentioned his email address on the internet, you can type it on Google and wait for the results. By this approach, you can know the target’s identity, such as his name, social media accounts, and much more.

3.2 Research the Domain Name on the Email Address

You can try searching the domain name of the email address. For instance, if the email is [email protected], then the domain is “cocofinder.com.” This search would also inform you about the host of an email.

3.3 Check Social Media Platforms

The last and relevant approach is to search for someone on social media platforms. If they are actually registered on the specific app, their handle will pop up. This approach can also exhibit plenty of information.

These methods are undoubtedly relevant, but they might fail to display useful information if the target has not made his information public. In such a case, following reverse email lookup applications are a good choice.



The article concludes with 3 essential ways to find someone by their Email address. These methods have a restriction as Google, and social media handles cannot always show the exact person you want information about, CocoFinder is the best choice.

The software only requires the full email address of the target and shows his information, including his profiles on social platforms, his complete name, and phone numbers. The application also works by adding the target full name or phone number. It has plus points as the software reduces the fraud chances by providing the actual identity of people. With CocoFinder, anybody can access free reverse email lookup with free results.

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