Sep 14th, 2021

Remember when Google had its Nexus lineup of phones instead of the Pixel? Those were good times, right? Well if you want to get hit right in the nostalgia bone, you might have noticed a tweet making waves in the Android circles. That’s because Google remembered the password to the Google Nexus Twitter account and fired a quick little shot at Apple on iPhone 13 day.

Shortly after Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event concluded, the @googlenexus account only one had one thing to say:

I’d wait for #Pixel6

That was it, and chances are that you can’t even view the tweet yourself. That’s because the @googlenexus account has been locked for around four years, so if you unfollowed it in favor of the @MadeByGoogle account, you won’t be able to view the tweet. But even still, the account currently has more than one million followers, so maybe we’ll see the account re-opened for everyone to follow.

Despite showing off the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro back in August, not much has been officially revealed in regards to the upcoming devices. We’ve seen some benchmark results randomly appear, but we still don’t even know when the Pixel 6 will be officially available. Chances are that we’re still a few weeks away, but to see the @googlenexus account used again after four years is pretty hilarious.

While I’m excited for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, there’s a lot riding on the Pixel 6 and I think Google might just be able to surprise everyone. Provided that the company starts doing more little things like this to help build up the hype ahead of the announcement. Or ya know, it could just release the Pixel 6 now instead of making us wait.

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