8 Macro Photography Ideas for Creative Shots


Macro is a fascinating genre of photography. Most people really enjoy seeing macro shots as they usually show us something we don’t notice in our everyday lives. Sometimes it’s also details we simply can’t see with a bare eye such as the intricacies of small bugs, insects, sea life, the texture of plants, or other small objects close-up. Macro is not the easiest genre as you have to have special gear, but it’s a highly rewarding one. If you want to try your hand at macro photography, here is the list of ideas on what you can photograph in macro to get awesome pictures.

With more practice, you can fine-tune your photography skills and look at your hobby as a business. For instance, if your shots are of great quality and have some sort of commercial appeal, you can start earning as a freelance photographer with a stock photography website.

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1. Groceries, food, and kitchen items

Your kitchen is a blessing in terms of macro photography as there are so many different objects that will look perfect close-up. Start with photographing fruits and vegetables, go on with macro food photography, and then explore the household items you can find in your kitchen. For example, cutlery items have reflecting surfaces that can boost your macro shots as reflections skew lighting.

2. Textures at home

If you look really close at some soft materials at home such as fabric or house plants nearby you, you will notice that they have interesting textures and patterns. You can find different types of cloth, textiles, and materials indoors that will become great macro subjects.

3. Water droplets

Water droplets are a classic macro photography subject. Many photographers aim to capture droplets in close-up and create whole storylines from photos that capture frozen fluid sculptures. You can shoot water droplets both indoors and outdoors. Green backgrounds are  complementary to reflective surfaces. For instance, water droplets on grass look delicate and magical.

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4. Greenery

Nature provides an abundance of macro photography subjects. Flowers, grass, leaves, bushes, and other plants vary in their colors, textures, and details. That’s why you can almost certainly take an interesting macro shot when you go for a walk to a place with lots of trees and plants.

5. Feathers

Birds’ feathers have highly detailed structures if you shoot them in close-up. They have strong lines and soft textures at the same time, which is why many photographers try to capture the beauty of feathers in macro.

6. Bug life

Insects and spiders are a popular subject in macro photography. Such shots engage viewers since they get to see the details we can’t see without a lens. Although some people are afraid of insects, looking at photos of them is quite fascinating.

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7. Rocks

Usually, we don’t pay attention to rocks and stones outdoors, unless you collect some interesting stones or minerals yourself. However, if you take an attentive look at any rock you find, you will see that it has interesting textures and colors. Some of them even have slightly shiny surfaces that will be more visible in a macro shot, so consider shooting some rocks when you plan your next macro photoshoot.

8. Urban textures

There are many interesting details and textures within an urban area that can become a great subject for macro photography. There are many buildings that have reflective surfaces or unusual textures that look great in close-ups. What’s more, rust and peeling paint might not look so appealing from a regular perspective, but in macro, you can appreciate the fine details that usually go by unnoticed.

An afterthought

Macro photography is the place to start if you want to practice your photography skills while focusing on more abstract things. It is also an important photography genre, as photography contests feature it as a separate genre. Many photographers are fascinated by macro and dedicate a lot of their time to choosing the perfect gear to help them bring out the fine details during a photoshoot. 

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