Oct 6th, 2020

We probably take our power for granted because whenever there is a power outage, we suddenly feel at a loss. If you don’t want to find yourself in that situation, then you might be interested to learn that the MAXOAK Power Station is currently enjoying a $200 discount on Amazon.

The portable power station is normally priced at $1,900, but there is a $200 coupon that you can apply on Amazon’s website that will bring its price down to $1,700. This is quite a steal when you think about it. The MAXOAK Power Station is a 2400Wh/1000W power station that boasts a life cycle of over 2,500, meaning that even if you were to discharge and recharge it daily, it should last you for years on end.

Its high power output also means that it will not only be able to charge your mobile electronic devices, but it will also be able to power things like an electric drill, kitchen appliances, and also act as an emergency source of power whenever there is an outage. It also supports solar power charging (solar panels sold separately) so even if you have no power to charge it with, stick it outside under the sun and it will juice itself up.

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