Poor software support could drive Android users to the iPhone


If there’s one disadvantage to Android that would be impossible to ignore, it would be poor software updates, or rather, the longevity of these software updates. Most Android manufacturers offer anywhere between 2-3 years of major software updates, after which you’re on your own.

This means that you’ll either need to flash a custom ROM based on the newer versions of Android, keep your device and hope it doesn’t fall prey to security vulnerabilities, or buy a new phone. It turns out that this could be the driving factor that could force Android users to jump ship to an iPhone.

This is based on a survey conducted by SellCell where based on the responses given by 2,000 US-based Android users, they found that a third of those surveyed said that they would consider the iPhone 12 as their next smartphone upgrade. Under the reasons why they might switch to the iPhone 12, 55.9% cited longer software support as the main reason, while 48.8% also said that better privacy protection was another reason why.

To give you some context, the latest version of iOS is compatible with devices dating back to 2015 with the iPhone 6s. This means that Apple is still supporting a phone that’s 5 years old. Of course, not everyone keeps their phones around for that long, but it’s good to know that should you choose to, Apple’s got you covered.

Source: PhoneArena

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