Why You Really Need a VPN to Stay Secure in 2020


You may have heard about the importance of VPNs, but do you truly know how they can protect you online? The number of hacking attempts and cyberattacks are on the rise and they do not seem to be stopping any time soon which is where tools like VPNs can come incredibly handy to ensure you remain safe and secure online. 

If you think you are safe behind your device’s firewall, think again. Believe it or not, everything you do online leaves a trace, and it can be easily tracked if you do not know how to stay off the grid. Taking the necessary steps to maintain your anonymity and security online is important, but you will need to rely on a VPN to ensure there is absolutely no way you are compromised. 

You are Never Truly Safe

As long as you are connected to the internet, and even if you have a premium anti-virus program and firewall, you are not safe. Everything you do online can be accessed. In fact, your own ISP can track everything you do. If not for hackers and cybercriminals, your ISP can be the cause of your downfall. To make matters worse, they could also be selling your data to third parties for financial gain. Nowhere is your consent taken into account. 

The Importance of VPNs for Online Security and Anonymity 

The only way you can stay off the grid is if you opt for a reliable VPN. Getting a VPN is not enough, you will have to do your homework to make sure you are getting a VPN that fits your needs and requirements. 

Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the fact you will need to avoid free VPNs. No matter how good they may seem, if they are not making money from you, they are making money from the data you provide them. Chances are they might be logging all your information, like ISPs and they can sell that to third parties for, you guessed it, financial gain. 

When it comes to finding the best VPN out there, you will need to check out reviews. See what customers have to say and what VPNs come highly recommended. Once you have a list, narrow down your options by going through the features that the VPNs are providing. 

After getting the best VPN out there, you will realize a world of limitless opportunities. Never again will you be limited to accessing content from your region. You will be able to access geo-restricted content whenever you want. This kind of internet freedom is unlike anything you may have experienced before. This is made possible by connecting to VPN servers across the globe. Based on the region you are connected to, you will be able to access localized content which would otherwise be unavailable to you. 

With unlimited internet freedom, you will need security, safety and anonymity online, which is exactly what you get with a reliable VPN. If you get a good VPN, you will get access to security features like Internet Kill Switch, Military Grade Encryption, Split Tunneling, etc. Each and every one of these features will give you the leverage you need to use the internet without fearing hackers and cybercriminals. Since you are untraceable and invisible online, there is absolutely no way you can get compromised – ever! 

Why use a VPN in 2020? 

After installing a VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Kodi, you will have unprecedented access to the internet, all the while enjoying security and anonymity like never before. But is this enough to convince you to use a VPN? Is it really that necessary to use a VPN in 2020? Let’s find out. 

Safe Public Wi-Fi Network Connectivity 

If and when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks, even with those with strong passwords, you will need a VPN at all costs. If the network you are connected to has been compromised by a hacker or cybercriminal, they will have easy access to your data. 

By using a VPN you are bolstering your online security, preventing hackers and cybercriminals on public Wi-Fi networks from having a field day with your private and confidential information. 

Secure Travelling 

No matter where you are traveling, especially to countries like China, you will need a VPN to give you unrestricted access. 

To put things into perspective, if you were able to access streaming platforms like Amazon Prime before, but are unable to do so after traveling to a different country, then an Amazon Prime VPN will bypass the geo-restrictions.

All you need to do is to connect to a VPN service based on your preference. For instance, in order to access the Disney exclusive shows and movies, all you need is a Disney Plus VPN and you will be good to go.

On the flip side, you can also use a VPN to get affordable hotel accommodation and airfare, since the prices can vary from one region to another. 

Accessibility for Remote Workers 

Many companies require their employees to use VPNs to access data remotely for security concerns. A VPN allows workers to connect to private networks when not present physically at their workplace. This gives them the freedom they need to operate seamlessly without having to be present at their workplace at all times. 

For Anonymity from Oppressive Regimes 

There are countries that do not have rights like freedom of speech and expression like many developed countries in the West. These countries may even take measures to monitor and take aggressive action against individual(s) they find a threat. People who want freedom of speech and expression in such countries will need to use a VPN.

Final Words:

In conclusion, you now have a better idea of VPNs, if you did not have already, and how they are important to stay secure in 2020. They are more of a necessity, ensuring individuals and businesses protect their private and confidential information at all costs. If you were unsure about VPNs before, you should now be convinced you can’t do anything online without a VPN. Just make sure you take your time to make an informed decision about the VPN you choose. 

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